Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Detach from the unreal forms and attach to the real Self within

Being aware of our own self (self-awareness) is essential if we want to wake up to your true Self

Detach from the unreal forms and attach to the real Self within, This is the essence of spirituality.

Our moment to moment task is to disidentify from thoughts,, emotions,, impulses, desires and ego itself and identify with the silent space within.

This is an ongoing process until the complete dissolution of ego root and branch. Until the attainment of  Self-realization and the total dissolution of the ego a constant effort without effort is necessary.

EFFORT IS NECESSARY up to the state of realization

Effort is necessary up to the state of 
realization. Even then the Self should
spontaneously become evident, otherwise happiness will not be complete. Up to that state of spontaneity there must be
effort in some form or another.

There is a state beyond our efforts or 
effortlessness. Until it is realized 
effort is necessary. After tasting such
bliss, even once, one will repeatedly
try to regain it. Having once experienced
the bliss of peace no one wants to be out
of it or to engage in any other activity.

- Sri Ramana Maharshi 

No matter what we do, (Sitting, walking, breathing, resting , listening...), we must be alert and vigilant and aware of our beingness.

There is no other way to liberate ourselves from the darkness of ignorance. Find out your own way. If you have difficulties ask and you will get, seek and you will find what is necessary for you.

Identification with forms and forgetfulness of our Self is real death.

Living identified with the illusory imaginations and projections of the egoic mind we live like miserable machines although we may think that we are something special.


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