Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The realization of our true nature ~ Atman Nityananda

The realization of our true nature -Atman or consciousness

If we want to realize our true nature then from the I know we must move on to I understand, from the I understand to I comprehend and from the I comprehend to the realization.

This process is possible by practice only.

Hearing and study of teachings, self-observation and observation, self-enquiry, discrimination, dispassion, control of mind and senses, calmness, serenity and one-poindness of mind, prayer, japa nama, reflection, contemplation and meditation are the means.

Intense longing for the realization of truth, aspiration together with sincerity, coherence, determination, self-confidence, faith, patience, perseverance, forbearance and constant application of the practices are the necessary qualities that will lead us to the other shore, the abode of freedom, peace and bliss eternal!

Purify, meditate and realize your true Self

Enlightenment or Liberation is just a question of intense longing. It is a matter of firm aspiration and constant practice to free your mind from ego and desires and enjoy the eternal peace and bliss of your true Self or Atman

 If you practice regularly, with devotion, courage, faith, self-confidence, determination, perseverance and patience there is no doubt you that you will succeed. There is no doubt about this!

I want to do it! I can do it! I will do it!
This has to be your moto!

It doesn't matter if you fall a thousand or a million times. Stand up and move on with double determination and strength. The whole universe is going to help you realize the Truth or God consciousness and express the divine love,  peace and harmony in this world. There is no doubt about this!

Purify your mind, practice diligently and realise that you are eternal existence, pure consciousness and bliss without limits.

God bless you realise the Truth in this very life!

DISCIPLINE & REGULARITY the chief marks of spiritual progress

Perhaps the greatest obstacle in spirituality is lack of discipline and irregularity of practice. Together with this goes the disastrous habit of self-justification.

If we cannot find a way to follow our sadhana day after day diligently, with patience and perseverance we cannot have any real progress.

Good intentions alone are not enough. They must be followed by well organized action. We must be always vigilant and inventive in order to overcome all external difficulties and the inner resistance of our egoic self which wants to continue dominate our body, mind and senses and follow its old disastrous ways.

Stand up and doing! Spirituality is to live every moment for self-realization, giving your body, energy, mind and heart to the divine.

Be a spiritual lion. Never think that you will fail. Always think like this: I want to do it, I can do it, I will do it.

Even if the whole world is against me, if I have many failures, at the end I will succeed in this endeavour because this is my conviction and God is always with me, He is always protecting me and gives me what I need.

Om shanti, shanti Om!