Monday, February 29, 2016

Sattvic mind vs Rajasotamasic mind ~ Atman NItyananda

Sattvic mind vs Rajasotamasic mind

The goal of Yoga is to realize our Oneness with the universal soul or Brahman. Self-realization is possibe only by deep meditation and samadhi. Our instrument to do meditation is the mind. Meditation and samadhi are possible only by a pure sattvic mind, while are imbossible by a rajasotamasic impure mind.

The rajasotamasic mind is our enemy and the cause of confusion, ignorance, suffering and separation from life and God.
The rajasotamasic mind is dull, dense, distracted, unbalanced, distorted, lazy, wicked, selfish, passionate, clumsy, stupid, dull, discontent and hypnotized.

The sattvic mind is our friend and faithful servant which help us realize the truth and live in harmony, peace, happiness, love and unity.
The sattvic mind is luminous, transparent, sharp, intelligent, harmonious, balanced, virtuous, serene, focused, calm and alert. 
That's why the pure sattvic mind is our best friend and the rajasotamásic impure mind is our worst enemy.
The first part and most dificult and thorny part of our spirituql journey is to transform the impure mind in pure sattvic.

The greatest battle of life is that which happens in ourselves between the impure rajasotamasic mind and the sattvic mind.