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Self-enquiry, Bhajan & kirtan by Robert Adams

Self-enquiry, Bhajan & kirtan
by Robert Adams

extract from "The Collected Work of Robert Adams Satsangs"

 SF: Another question I think is important but is chanting more advantageous than listeningto music? Like om, or any of that kind of music?

R: Again it depends on the person. Chanting is very, very good. The purpose of chanting is to make your mind one-pointed. So you can realize that you are in silence and you are quiet and you’re still and you’re able to sit in the silence.

 As you know when you chant for about fifteen-twenty minutes or a half hour, you feel very comfortable and very relaxed and very mentally still. Your mind becomes still.

Then you can watch your mind more closely. You can ask, "Who am I?" more sincerely after a chant and the question will go deeper into the Self.

But when you are doing worldly things for instance coming home from work. You have your mind on the TV and then you ask, "Who am I?" it's more superficial. It doesn't go in deep enough.

But when you chant for a while and then you say, "Who am I?" or then you say, "I am." It goes much deeper into consciousness.
(SF: So the question is: Is chanting better than listening to the music?) I should think so, yes. Because your entire being gets involved with the chant.

SY: Robert, what is the purpose of Bhajans?

R: Bhajans, Kirtans, singing, it makes the mind one-pointed. It causes the mind tobecome still. You know yourself when you chant a lot, you become peaceful, you becomestill, you become quiet. So this is the purpose. To make you one-pointed. To prepare you for what's going on. Bhajans are good. Kirtan is good.
SY: So when we have an opportunity to do it, we should do it?
R: Of course, yes. This is what we do Saturdays, about two hours of it. Everybody feels so happy, so blissful. These things have been known for thousands of years, chanting, singing. Takes you away from everyday experiences. Lifts you up. It's good for you. Good for the soul.

 KIRTAN: Om Nama Shivay 

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Parmenides - On Reality

 A nondual text by Parmenides one of the great Greek philosophers
- On Reality (fragments of a poem)
             Born around 515 BC., Parmenides, was a citizen of Elea, a small town in the south of Italy.  His poem "On Reality" was probably comprised of three parts of which we have only the first two largely intact.
            The first part takes the form of an allegorical poem in which we see the poet, impelled by a strong desire, travel toward the domain of the Goddess, in a chariot pulled by powerful runners.  After unveiling their faces for him, the Maidens of light guide him to the "threshold where the roads of Night and of Day converge", and he is allowed to cross it as a result of their intercession.  He is then welcomed with benevolence by the Goddess who takes his right hand in hers and commences her teaching.
            The second part, translated here, is the metaphysical section and contains the teaching of the truth.
            The third, which is fragmentary, is the physical part. It represents ignorant public opinion according to which reality is the physical universe which came into existence in the past, exists today, and is destined to disappear one day.
Now then, I will instruct you; hear what I say:
Two paths are open to investigation.
The first says: being is and non-being is not.
It is the path of certainty, because it follows the truth.
The other says: being is not, therefore non-being is.
This misdirected path, I tell you, cannot lead to a sound conviction
For, if this statement were true, it would not be possible for you to conceive of non-being, nor to name it.
Speaking and thinking necessarily arise from being, because being is.
And non-being is not. I invite you to reflect deeply on this point,
And to move away, in your search, from that other path
As from the one traveled by those ignorant mortals
Who are the men of two minds: the uncertainty which resides in their hearts
Misleads their wavering reason. They are swept along,
Deaf and blind, benighted, the masses without discernment
Who pretend that being and non-being are simultaneously identical
And different, they for whom, for any statement, the opposite is equally true.
No power will ever bring non-being into existence.
So direct your thinking away from this path of exploration.
May habit, so often resumed, not force you to return to it,
With eyes blinded, ears filled with noise
And mouth with words, and may your intelligence alone resolve  this contentious issue.
Only one path remains for us to pursue:
Being is.  And countless signs prove
That being is free from birth and death
Because it is complete, immutable and eternal.
It never was, it never will be, because it is completely whole in the now,
One, endless.  What beginning, indeed, should we attribute to it?
Whence would it evolve? Whither?
I will not allow you to say or to think that it comes from nothingness,
Nor that being is not.  What exigency would have brought it forth
Later or earlier, from non-being?
Thus, it can only be, absolutely, or not at all.
Our firm innermost conviction will never admit
That something can spring forth from nothingness. 
In this way the goddess of Justice, forbidding birth and death,
Preserves without respite the existence of being. Whereas the question was to resolve
Whether being is or is not. We must therefore decide to abandon as false
The second hypothesis, the path which can neither be thought nor formulated,
And to hold to the first, which is the path of the truth.
How could what is, one day cease to be? How could it have, one day, come to be?
What is born, is not, neither what is to be born.
Thus dies birth and thus dies death.
Within being there remain no differences because it is completely identical to itself.
There is not, here, something more that comes to break continuity
Neither, there, something less: but everything is filled with being.
Thus it is all continuous:  being adjoined to being.
On the other hand, maintained motionless by powerful links,
It is without beginning and without end, since birth and death
Have been rejected as contrary to our intuition of truth.
Remaining itself, existing within itself, supported by itself,
Thus, immutable, it remains in the same place because the powerful necessity,
Hemming it in from all sides, keeps it firmly unified.                                                                                           
That is why it is not permitted that being be unfinished,
Because there is nothing missing in it; unfinished, it would be missing  everything!
Thought is identical to being, and so it is for the object to which thought refers;
Thus there is nothing, and there will never be anything, outside of being
Which Destiny compels to an eternal bliss. Thus,
To be born and to die, to be or not to be,
To change place or appearance,
All of these events are but names superimposed by man’s ignorance.
Being the ultimate, it is everywhere complete.
Just as an harmoniously round sphere
Departs equally at all points from its center.
Nothing can be added to it here nor taken away from it there.   
What is not,  cannot interrupt it’s homogeneous existence.
What is, cannot possess it more or less.  Out of all  reach,
Everywhere identical to itself, beyond all limits, it is.
Translated from ancient Greek by Francis Lucille, edited by David Jennings

 Peace  love  harmony

Who is the seer ? by Robert Adams

Who is the seer ?
extract from "The Collected Work of Robert Adams Satsangs"

Hello again. It's good to be with you. I talk to many people during the week, bothon the telephone and in person. I speak to Zen Buddhists, Hindus, Americans, all kinds of people, and 80% tell me they're enlightened. Most of them tell me they've experienced the void. Some say they've seen lights. Some say they hear certain sounds. And they say, "What do you think?" So I remark, "Somebody has to be present to experience these things.

As long as somebody is present, and somebody is present or you'll not be able to tell me about it, then there's no enlightenment. Find out who is present and hold onto that you, because you were present to experience the void. You were present to experience the light or the sound. Who is that you? Find out. Hold onto that you. Hold on to I. I was present to experience the void. As long as I am present I cannot possibly be enlightened, because I still exist."

It is like a movie theater. Well, let's take rather a stage theater, stage play, where the lights shine on the players and on the audience. And when the play is over the audience and the actors both leave, but the light still shines, even though it shines on nothing.
So the empty theater is the void. The light is still shining on the void as well as on the people.

A better example is we see a room filled of furniture, the eyes look and they see. Then somebody turns off the light. The eyes are still there but they don't see anything.
That's how the void is compared to the seer. There has to be a seer to see the void. Who is that seer? And you find out by simply inquiring, "Who am I? Where did I come from?

What is the source of I that sees all these things?" Remember, all this phenomena is a projection of your mind. The mind appears to be very powerful. It projects voids, light, sounds, images, as well as the entire universe and as well as your body and mind. It projects itself as mind.
The idea is to stop the projection, and you stop the projection through self-inquiry. This is the fastest way.

So whenever you have some experience, go beyond the experience, because there has to be somebody to have the experience. Just like the eyes see when it’s light, and the eyes are still there when it’s dark, so the I is present when you sleep, the I is present when you dream, the I is present when you are awake. Find out who the I is. Dive deep within, work on yourself.
Just like the article we read just before, forget about the world, forget about others, forget about your body, and inquire of the Self. Find out who the Self is. Who are you? Are there two I’s or one I? There cannot possibly be two I’s because that's duality. There has to be one I only. Find the source of that I. Follow it diligently until you merge with the source.

 Then you will find that you're happier than you've ever been in your life. When you touch the source of I you have bliss, you have absolute reality, you have God.

 This is the most important quest you have. Nothing else is so important.

Can you think of anything else that’s as important? Then why do you worry so much about others? Why do you get mixed up with all kinds of problems? Do your duty, inquire, find the source of I. It doesn't make any difference how long it takes, think of how many incarnations you had to go through in order to be in this class today.

Make yourself happy. Forget about your troubles. They don't exist. Only God exists as your Self. But you must find it out for yourself. Do it!

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I Am Not The Body by Robert Adams

 I Am Not The Body

28 September, 1990

Robert Adams:
(tape starts abruptly) ...I am merely voicing what I feel. I am Absolute awareness. I am sat-chit-ananda. I am not referring to Robert. I'm referring to I-am and remember I-am includes everybody here. I-am ultimate oneness. I was never born and I can never die. I am total bliss, infinite happiness, divine awareness, pure intelligence. This is the I-am.

It has come to my attention that the mantra that I gave you a while back is a little
confusing to most people. When you say the mantra, "Who am I, I am he, I am not the body." There's a little confusion. I was speaking to one of you last week and I saw where the confusion lies. When you say, "I am not the body," to whom are you referring? This is an important point.
"I am not the body," to most people means simply this: "I am not my body." But I
am a part from my body especially those of us with a Christian Judaeo background.

We say, "My body is the temple for the living God and God resides within myself."
This may be true to an extent, but it is not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is exactly what it says, "I am not my body." In other words, my body does not exist, but there are not two of us. There is not I-am and my body or there is not God and my body. There is not God residing in my body. There simply is no body. Nobody exists. Therefore I-am, is that I-am. You are consciousness just the way you are, but you are not the body. In other words what you think is the body, is consciousness. There is not the body and consciousness. There's the body as consciousness and the body does not exist the way it appears.

As an example: Take a movie theatre, you have the moving picture on the screen.
You do not see the screen because it's covered by images and you do not even think of the screen. You have no idea there is a screen because you do not think about it. You're thinking about the images. You become immersed in the movie, beginning, a middle and an end. But yet without the screen there would be no movie. So we can say the movie is not reality. The screen is the reality. And when the images cover the screen, the screen is still the reality. But the images give an appearance like reality.

An example of this is when you try to get up and grab the images on the screen what will you get. You’ll be grabbing the screen, for the images do not exist. And so it is with us. Everything you see, everything that appears are images, or what is called false imagination and the only truth about these images is consciousness. These are all cosmic images on the screen of consciousness, and that's everything. You and I, the chairs, the couch, the sky, the moon, the universe are simply images, appearances, optical illusions.

The truth is that you are consciousness, but you can't see yourself because of the maya, the grand illusion. So you believe that you are the body and you are the doer.
Again it's like the movie and the screen. You get wrapped up in the movie and you start to feel the movie. You have forgotten there is a screen and the screen is the reality, but you're all wrapped up in the movie. And you can tell me everything about the movie. But you can't tell me anything about the screen. The only time you remember there's a screen is when the movie is over and even then you do not pay any attention to it because you get up and go home. But remember, if it weren't for the screen there would be no movie.

So if it weren't for consciousness, there would be no images. Consciousness is real, the images are false. The images come and go, change continuously, constantly. But consciousness remains the same all the time. Consciousness is like emptiness, like empty space and you are that. I-am that I-am, that is the meaning of this. I am absolute awareness.
So you say, "Well how come I feel all these other things? How can I feel disease?
How can I feel hurt? How can I feel my problems?" The reason you feel these things is because of wrong identification. You're not identifying with the screen, you're identifying with the images. And as long as you believe that you're an image like the movie, you're going to suffer accordingly.

The secret is therefore to let go, and quiet your mind. Identifying with consciousness and not with the image which is called false imagination. But you may say to me, "Will I see my fellow man suffering? There's a war to break out in Iraq. All kinds of man's inhumanity to man is happening all around me. Is that false?" As long as you believe in it, then it's real to you. Therefore I will not tell you it's false because you believe in it.

Again it's like the person in the movie. I tell them the screen is the reality, but they say, "No, the images are real, I can see them, can't you see the person killing somebody else? And somebody dying of cancer? And a bomb falling on the city? How can you say that's not real?" So I come and take away the screen and there's nothing but a blur. This is what happens when you awaken. The human dream is over. It becomes nothing but a blur. And you become steeped in reality. Reality becomes bliss, happiness, eternal joy, sat-chit-ananda.

The question therefore is: How do I identify myself with consciousness? There's only one way and that is to quiet you mind. Your mind has to become quiescent, still. When the mind is still reality shines forth by itself. But as long as you accept images, images are problems, things that you see with your eyes and your senses, and you think they're real. Things that you feel. This is called false imagination. And because you feel these things first you suffer accordingly.

The secret is to transcend those feelings and again the only way to transcend those feelings is to quieten your mind. How do you quiet your mind? By taking time to be still. "Be still and know that I am God."

And if you can't become still by yourself there are vari-ous methods, the highest one being self-inquiry.

By simply asking yourself, "Who's mind is not still? Who feels all the images? Who suffers? Who becomes angry? Who identifies with the world?"

Again don't make the mistake and believe that you are not the body as I mentioned in the beginning. So you think you're separate. There are two of you. You think there's the body, and this is what advanced people who believe this now. They think they are not the body, but the body goes off by itself and does what it wants. But they are some-thing else. This couldn't be further from the truth. There's only one ultimate oneness. One!

There are never two. There's never the body and your Self. There's only the body as your Self. And as you see this the body vanishes and disappears. It disappears because it never existed. That which exists must always exist. That which never existed must disappear.

That's why the body gets old and dies, because it isn't real to begin with, it's an illusion. So, the real you is exactly what you are right now, the Self. You are the Self. You are not the body but you are the Self. It's one, not two. The body does not exist. If you're traveling in the desert and you see a body of water, compare the body of water to your body. You believe in it because you see it. Yet, when you get close to it it's not there it's an optical illusion.

True? The same thing with your body you see it, you carry it, you think it's yours and you have identified with it. Why? Because of your mind. Your mind is the culprit. When the mind becomes still, everything disappears and you become the Self, which you really are anyway. You have to use any method you have to, to quiet the mind.
You must ask yourself, "Who am I’? What is the source of the I’? Where did the I’ come from?" And then follow the I’ to its culmination. The I’ becomes like the mirage, doesn't exist. When you follow the I’ deep inside your heart, you will find that the I’ never existed. Remember also, that everything else is attached to the I. Every problem, the ego, the mind, everything is attached to this I’. So when the I’ is transcended, so is everything else and you're free.

But the important point tonight is this: When you say, "I am not the body." Realize that there are not two of you, there's only one. It means the appearance of a body does not exist in reality.

You are consciousness, you are the Self and that is the only reality and nothing else exists.
Any questions about that?

SD: It seems once you've explained it, you can almost just say, "I-am, is not the body." And that seems more clear to me saying that.

Robert Adams: If you're saying, "I am is not the body," then what is the body? (SD: Illusion?)Exactly.
As long as you remember that the body does not exist by itself, but it's like a projection on the screen, then you can say whatever you want. The whole secret is to know who you are and you are the immortal Self. You were never born, you can never die. You have always existed. You are sat-chit-ananda. That's who you really are just the way you are right now. Just the way you are. No changes have to be made. Just the way you are right now. You are God. You are consciousness.

But do not mistake this with the body. I am not saying that the body is God. I'm saying that you are God. But I see you as consciousness. I see you as absolute reality, as pure awareness. That is God. If you identify your body with God you're making a big mistake. Therefore when I tell you, "You are God" I am referring to your Self. Not your ego, not your mind and not your body. And when I refer to the term God, or consciousness, or absolute reality, I am referring to omnipresence.

So when I say, "I am consciousness" I am not referring to Robert. I am referring to I-am omnipresence, which includes the whole universe, do you follow that? Everything is consciousness, nothing is left out. This is why we have reverence for all things, for all of life. For the mineral kingdom, for the vegetable kingdom, for the animal kingdom and for the human kingdom. For everything is God. Nothing is excluded. If you hate anything, you're hating an illusion. If you feel out of sorts, or you feel sick, or you feel bad, or you feel angry, or you feel you've got a bad
temper, you're identifying with an illusion. This is false imagination. It's not you. The more you think about these things the freer you become.