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The two main modes of ego that keeps us enslaved - Atman Nityananda

The two main modes of ego that keeps us enslaved 
- Atman Nityananda

Desire and pride

The two main ego's modes by which the ego keep us enslaved are related with the self-image, self-worthiness and pride and secondly with the compulsive movement of desire which drive us constantly to experience pleasure, pleasant or exhilarated sensations, to get money, power, position, possessions, comforts and fame.

The self-image, pride and superiority are connected with the mechanism of desire. We want (desire) to be special, we want to be superior, we want to be accepted etc. This wanting to be this or that is related with the desire mechanism. The most fundamental desire is to be incarnated in a human body. On the other hand if our desires in relation with power, fame, money, possessions and positions are fulfilled then our illusory self-image is enhanced.

The fundamental illusion of our egoic self is that relates the happiness, plenitude and fullness with the illusory mind-made self-image and the fulfillment of desires related to pleasures, power, money, fame and possessions.

Happiness, plenitude and fullness have nothing to do with any external condition or form. They emanate from our true Self and can be fully experienced by a pure calm mind which rests in union with the Self.

The ways of the two modes

Let see the ways or the modes of functioning of these two main egoic aspects. When we find ourselves in these modes means that we are under the dominion of ego. Thus this is a map that help us recognize and discriminate of we are in the ego mode or not.

The self-image, self-worthy, pride mode

The ways of ego related with Self-worthiness and the self-image are: Identification with the characteristics of  body and mind, comparing, complaining, criticizing, accusing, disputing, I am right you are wrong, I know, I feel offended when... or because of this or that, I am better or superior because of this or that,  I am inferior or worse because of this or that, I am special, accepted (or not rejected) or recognized when I do this or that, when achieve or have, this or that. 

Pride is the egoic tendency related with the self-image. All the emotions are related with the self-image; mostly the emotions of anger, hatred, fear, loneliness, jealousy, insecurity, fear, guilt, shame, bitterness, inferiority, I am not enough.

The desire mode 

There are two main directions of desire which cause bondage and suffering: desires for sensual pleasures through the senses (mainly for sex, food, drinks, any substance) and desire for success which is related with self-image and pride  (I have anylized above).

The desire mechanism functions through, association, identification, projection, imagination.

The ways of ego related with desires are: comparing, complaining, criticizing, accusing, like-dislike, attraction-aversion, passion, attachment, greed, jealousy.
All the emotions are related with desire too but those which prevail are the emotions of uneasiness, discontentment, incompleteness, impatience, anxiety, fear, anger, disappointment and depression.

The most common desires and the main doors of pleasure are the mouth and the genitals). In reality the majority of earthlings are victims of their palate and genitals.

All suffering and exploitation that happens on earth are due to the gluttony and lasciviousness as well as greed and avarice.

When we are identified with the body and its impulses the egoic self is developed and then we become a prey of its mechanical, compulsive movements and we experience, separation, discontentment, insecurity, fear, anger and all kind of suffering. On the other hand when we are connected and grounded in our essence we feel secure, safe, content, peaceful, joyful, plenitude, Oneness, we are playful, compassionate, empathic, friendly, kind, creative, tolerate, we forgive spontaneously, we understand the positions and views of others, we spontaneously want to help or serve others or we let them grow according their own capacity, accepting their mistakes and their actions that cause to them suffering etc.

Freeing ourselves from the ego modes

To free ourselves from the egoic tendencies we must follow a systematic regular sadhana for a long time. The sadhana must include a variety of practices related with all levels of our existence (body, prana, heart, mind, intellect, soul). We must restore the balance of the energies (prana and doshas) that regulate the bodily and the psychological functions and maintain them healthy and balanced. We must deal with the emotional mind, the thinking mind and the intellect. We must develop certain qualities like calmness, serenity, detachment, or not identification, dispassion, one-pointedness of mind, patience, will power, determination, and eliminate little by little the egoic tendencies and patterns, abandon harmful habits and addictions, and cultivate positive habits.

Self-awareness, self-observation, disidentification, detachment, discrimination, control of senses and mind, self-enquiry, introspection, auto-analysis, reflection, meditation, prayer and japa nama, kirtan are the main ways by which we work to discover, understand and dissolve the egoic tendencies, to purify and clarify the mind and intellect, to be established in self-awareness and detached observation and to discern between the egoic self and our real Self.

Spirituality is a matter of practice not of theories. By practice we can achieve everything we aspire for. A strong aspiration and motivation to free ourselves from the egoic self and realize our true nature must be present in us. This together with diligent practice, sincerity, patience, perseverance, forbearance determination and self-confidence will take us at the other shore where peace and bliss eternal reign supreme.

Peace, Love, Harmony