Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to live in the now - Atman Nityananda

Sunrise in Haidakhan Vishva Mahadham

We should live every day as if we are going to die tomorrow and at the same time as if we had 'infinite' time to live

The first help us overcome laziness, procrastination and do our best effort here and now without to waste our time and energy in trifling efimeral things. To act focused in the present, without to calculate about what we will gain or not in the future and without to complain or regret about our failures or errors of the past.

The second help us overcome the impatience to reach the goal soon, and also the worries about if we have enough time to achieve the goal (self-realization). Both drain our energy, distract our attention from our practice, make us feel debil and disheartened and thus to lose our determination and confidence.

Moreover thinking that we will live many years, we will take care of our health because for our well being and sadhana we need a healthy body.

Forget future and past and live in the ever present reality, in your own immortal Self, the Atman, which is the Self of all and his nature is Satchitananda, (Consciousness, Existence, Bliss)!