Monday, February 29, 2016

Be regular in your meditation. ~ Swami Sivananda

Be regular in your meditation
by Swami Sivananda 

Nothing but the Atman (Self) really exists. Objects are illusion. 

Happiness is not in the objects but in one's own Self or Atman.

Happiness does not lie in the objects but in the condition of the mind. The mind goes out in search of pleasure. At the same time there is pain as the mind is straying away from the truth. When the object is attained, the mind ceases to function and rests on the Atman, the substratum. Then it unconsciously tastes the bliss of the Atman.

Sublimate your inward longings through discrimination (viveka), dispassion (Vairagya), enquiry and meditation. You will attain supreme bliss.

Develop vairagya (dispassion). Sharpen the intellect. Give up kutarka and viparita bhavana (distorted and perverted thinking). Identify yourself with the pure Atman. You will soon attain knowledge of the self.

If you are careless and non vigilant, if you are irregular in meditation, if your dispassion wanes, if you yield even a bit to sense pleasures, the mind will continue to go downward. 

Maya (illusion) closes in even upon a wise man if he stops his sadhana (practice) and meditation even for a short time.

Be careful. Be alert. Be regular in your meditation.

Withdraw the senses. Look within and search your heart. Dive deep into the recesses of your heart, through deep meditation on the innermost Self, the inner ruler.

You will doubtless realize your identity with Brahman and get to the heart of the infinite   the heart of infinite joy and bliss.

Peace, Love, Harmony