Monday, February 8, 2016

The egoic-energy, health and suffering -Atman Nityananda

The egoic enegy causes both, suffering and heatlh problems. The suffering is well known to all and has many faces and many degrees. Anxiety is one of the most common forms of suffering. Discontentment, irritability, anger, fear, depression, insecurity, shame, hatred, jealousy, greed, are some of the most frequent forms of ssuffering toó. I have written a lot about the ways and the illusions through which the ego causes suffering; let see how is related with diseases.

The vibration of the egoic-energy (which is dense and heavy) is very harmful for our health; it drains the prana(vital energy) and blocks its natural flow. Especially the emotional disequilibrium is very poisoning for our vital energy. The disfunctional relationships in which the negative emotions are constantly manifested are one of the main sources of suffering and diseases. The pain-body wants to feed itself with negative vibrations; the relationships and especially the married couples is the environment in which the ego has the opportunity to express itself fully.

 The psychological disequilibrium gradually causes unbalances and disequilibrium in the function of the psychic and physical prana and the three doshas. Since the natural function of prana and the balanced function of the three doshas are the factors of good health, when these are disturbed, health problems (physical, emotional, mental) begin to appear. Gradually appear some symptoms like small pains, fatigue, bad digestion, lack of appetite, constipation, migraines, insomnia, etc. and if we don't do anything to restore the balance then can appear the physical diseases.

When we are relaxed, happy, joyful the ego-sense subsides because the egoic-energy cannot function intensively in the presence of these positive emotional states. Relaxation, happiness, love, compassion etc. are not expressions of the ego-energy that's why when we are in these psychic states the vibration of ego-energy field subsides and in some cases totally; these moments we feel extremely happy, content and peaceful.

That's why the Laughter therapy is so beneficial. The ego cannot be expressed during laughing; the vibration of ego-energy subsides totally and thus the immune system and the rejuvenatory capacity of the body can restore and balance our physical and psychic vital energies. There is natural innate capacity in every being to restore the imbalances and heal the diseases. When we can remove the cause that creates the imbalances ( the vibration of the ego-energy is one of the main causes of imbalances) then we give the opportunity in our inner healer to restore the unbalances.

The same happens in deep sleep. In deep sleep the ego is totally unsent; that´s why the inner healer during sleep rejuvenate the energy (and through the energy the vody) and restore the unbalances. Lack of good deep sleep is one of the main causes of health problems.

If the disequilibrium is great then we need also some kind of external help, in the form of herbs, ayurvedic herbs, panchakarma, detoxification, cleaning of the colon, massages, oils, natural remedies, appropriate diet, reiki, pranic healing and any other natural healing. And if there is a necessity then we can use also chemical medicines.

In order to have good health It is also necessary to stop any harmful habit like, alcohol, cigarettes, heavy meals, meat, Junk food, sleeping late, movies that ecxite passion and fear etc. and cultivate healthy habits, like physical exercise, yoga asanas, breathing exercises, contact with nature, do relaxation, meditation, etc.

Finally the ego drive us to overuse or misuse the vital, emotional and metal energy and also compel us to do harmful actions against us, our fellows, animals and environment. All these cause suffering, health problems and painful karma which we have to pass through in the future (be born with bad health, poor nation or family, have accidents, be treated with violence etc.).


Health, spiritual growth and the factors that affect mind and body

THE SIX STAGES OF DISEASE by Scott Gerson M.D., Ph.D. (Ayurveda)