Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Glory of Vedanta ~ Swami Sivananda

The Glory of Vedanta 

Vedanta is the highest philosophy. Vedanta is the most sublime philosophy. Vedanta is the Philosophy of philosophies. It throws scepticism, nihilism, agnosticism, pragmatism, realism, idealism, dynamism, positivism and all sorts of 'isms' to the back-ground. Vedanta is like the sun. The sum total of all these philosophies is like the light of a glow-worm. All these philosophies dwindle into an airy nothing before the magnificent Vedanta philosophy. All these 'isms' play with words and phrases. There is no essence. You will get the essence from Vedanta philosophy only. Vedanta philosophy only can give you entire satisfaction. Glory to Vedanta! Glory to the seers of the Upanishads! Glory to Vyasa and Sankara!

Vedanta is a bold philosophy indeed
One should possess a sharp, pure and subtle intellect to understand it and put it into practice. 
One should be equipped with the four means of salvation before he begins his study. He should sit under the feet of a realised sage, Brahma Srotri, Brahmanishtha. Then alone he can understand the depths of Vedanta.

How does Vedanta begin? 
It starts with the sublime enquiry of 'Who am I'? It rejects all these worthless empirical experiences ruthlessly, just as you reject the skin, seeds and fibres of fruits. It negates the five sheaths, three bodies and the three states and helps you to take the essence of Atman, to churn out the butter of Atman, just as you take the essence from the fruits or the pulp from the Munja grass. 
Mark how Vyasa begins his aphorisms or Sutras 'Athato Brahmajijnasa' Now, then, an enquiry into Brahman. 'Janmadyasya Yataha' Brahman is that from which this world has come out, in which it lives and into which it is involved during Pralaya. What a bold starting! 
This is the result of his infinite spiritual experience and Self-realisation. The whole knowledge is in the palm of his hand like an Amalaka fruit. There is no groping in the dark for him. There are no hypotheses, presuppositions, doubts, major and minor frenzies, unnecessary arguments, cavilling and wrangling for him.

May you all realise the import of Vedanta, the identity of the individual soul (Atman) with the Supreme Soul (Brahman)! May you all realise the goal of Vedanta, the summum bonum of existence, the Self-realisation or attainment of knowledge of the Self and thus cross this terrible ocean of Samsara! May you all live in the Atman for ever!