Friday, August 14, 2015

SELF-AWARENESS by Atman Nityananda

Self-awareness is the basis of spirituality. All practices and our daily activities  has to be related with Self-awareness. Being aware of our own self (self-awareness) is essential if we want to wake up to our true Self which is eternal bliss and peace.

Forgetfulness is real death said the great nondual master Adisankaracharya in his wonderful book Vivekachudamani. Forgetfulness is the root cause of our bondage and suffering. That's why Self awareness is the center of our spiritual journey.

The forgetfulness of our beingness and the identification with thoughts, emotion objects etc. happen simultaneously. So, if we want to be aware of our own Self we would have stop identifying with the external objects and situations, the thoughts, emotions, desires, impulses etc ..We have to find ways to stop identification and establish ourselves in self awareness.

 Meditation and  self-enquiry are  the most important practices that enable us to be established in self-awareness and overcome the identifications created by the egoic mind.

A very powerful way to avoid forgetfulness and stop identifying with the mind's projections is to do over and over again questions like that:

Am I here and now aware of myself?
What prevents me now to be aware of myself?
To whom arises this thought, this desire, this like or dislike, this emotion?

We can do these questions during the practice of  meditation and self enquiry as well as during all day which I consider more important because we identify more easily with the contents and the projections of our mind.

By doing these questions with interest and sincerity we become again alert and attentive , we  remember to be conscious of ourselves and take the witnessing state watching and noticing clearly what happens in us.

If we were in a state of identification this process of questioning will help us get rid of this identification.

Remember that the stopping of identification and the remembrance of our self happens simultaneously. These two states of consciousness cannot happen simultaneously. We cannot be self-aware and at the same time identified with something.

In order to remain Self aware as much as possible and stop the identifications in its beggining we have to ask the questions mentioned above again and again. To do so first of all we must want it a lot and is need also to be in a state of vigilance and alertness which will strengthen by doing the questions with curiosity and interest.

Finally I remind you that each one will find his own way to apply the questions and will also invent other questions and other ways to develop self awareness and break identifications.

Sincerity,, coherence, patience, perseverance, steady determination, diligent practice and intense longing to realize truth are the most important factors of success.

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Love & Light