Tuesday, May 24, 2016

There is no ignorance other than the ego ~ Atman Nityananda

There is no ignorance other than the ego 
Self-knowledge or Self-realization is not a matter of theoretical knowledge but of a knowledge that comes from direct experience.

 We cannot know the truth (God) in the same way we know an object, because Truth is the eternal Subject not an object. Since our Self (what we are essentially) and the Truth is the One and the same reality, One and the same 'substance' (Consciousness) by realizing our true nature we realize the Truth. Since our Self is not an object, to realize our Self is to Be our Self; nevertheless in order to awaken in our true nature (Consciousness) is necessary an intuitive clear 'perception' of what is our Self.

What impedes us realize that we are the Consciousness and not the body is the ego. Ego is not related only with the pride and egoism or selfishness but also it is the factor that causes the identification with body and mind. Because of ego we take our selves to be a body-mind entity named so and so, separate of God and life. 

Most spiritual texts and teachers say that because of ignorance we cannot realize our identity with God. There is no ignorance other than the ego. Ego and ignorance are identical. You can hear hundreds or thousands of times that you are the Consciousness and not the body as you sense and believe that you are; nevertheless if ego isn't transcended, awakening or realization cannot happen. The ego covers the clear silent space of consciousness as the clouds cover the sky. Only when the cloud of ego is gone the sky of space-like consciousness can be seen clearly.

Before awakening, if you become aware of the silent space of consciousness within, this experience is still an experience from the ego's point of view; that means that you as an ego you are aware of the silence. This is not awakening but only recognition of the inner silence as an experience of you. 

Only when a shift happens and it is realized that you Are the inner silence, which is independent of the body, mind and ego then the truth is revealed to you and awakening is taking place.

But even after awakening there is not always a clear unobstructed experience of the peace and bliss of our true nature, (Consciousness) due to the fact that the ego continues in our psych. That's why is necessary to continue with our practice in order to avoid identification with the ego, mind and body and keep our mind focused in the silence within. Practice continues until the total dissolution of the ego. As long as the ego exists in us, it functions mechanically and compulsively, independently of our will. Thus more or less impede us rest in our rue nature and covers the peace and bliss of the Self.

Self-realization happens when the ego dissolves totally and thus there is nothing to cover the light of consciousness or to delude us and make us feel that we are the body or the mind.

Self-realization means that we are established in the Self as the Self due to the total dissolution of the ego; there is an effortless uninterrupted abidance in the Self as the Self (called Sahaja samadhi), experiencing the peace and bliss eternal!