Sunday, May 1, 2016

The peace and bliss eternal beyond dualities ~ Atman Nityananda

The peace and bliss eternal beyond dualities
 The ego is an energetic vibration but we are consciousness beyond energy, body, ego and all mental and emotional vibrations
The ego vibrates almost always like a bell and thus keeps us identified with the body. The ego vibrates and produces impulses, emotions and thoughts and identifies with them. Ego is a reactive energetic entity that has been developed in human psych since thousands of years ago and which almost without a break vibrates in us creating a variety of pleasurable and painful emotions and sensations. Ego is what makes us identify (its rajasotamasic aspect, not its sattvic aspect) with body, mind, emotions, thoughts, and perceptions and forget our true nature, the Atman which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss absolute.
When the ego vibrates, its vibration as an energetic fog veils the peace and happiness of our essence, prevents us realize that we are this peace and makes us feel incomplete, restless, discontented, separated from God and others. Due to the very fact that we fail to realize that perfection, fullness and bliss lie within us and that we are these, we try (driven unconsciously by the ego) to overcome the above mentioned painful emotions by pleasures, success and various other activities. Upon this primary illusion, caused by the gunas (sattva-rajas-tamas) and ego, unfolds the whole game of ego by which we are entrapped in dualities, named in two words pleasure and suffering.
To experience the peace, fullness, freedom and happiness that we already are, is necessary to settle down the vibration of ego. If the energetic vibration of ego settles down, the ego disappears and the light of Consciousness is clearly revealed. Thus we can enjoy the peace, bliss and fullness of our true nature that are always present in the background of all our experiences, (sensory, emotional, and mental) and veiled by them but mostly is veiled by the vibration of ego which is the cause of all others.
To make ego’s vibration settle down it is necessary to pacify the mind, sensations and the emotions; this is possible if we disidentify from thoughts, emotions and sensations.
How can we achieve disidentification? We need knowledge and guidance from books, enlightened teachers or advanced aspirants and a lot of practice. There are many ways and techniques to achieve it but at the end everyone has to find its own ways to do it.
But if we want to live fully and permanently the peace and bliss eternal of our glorious Atman is necessary to dissolve the egoic energy totally; this is possible only if we have a burning longing to realize our true Self.
This longing must be stronger than the desire to enjoy the objects, if not, it will be impossible to control the mind and turn it inwards in its source, because due to the force of habit (of many years and lives) is accustomed to run outside and enjoy sensory pleasures.  

This longing for liberation or self-realization can grow at a high level by the company with enlightened beings or advanced yogis (Satsang) and the unshakable insight that human life is full of suffering and pain which is the result of practice.

Peace, love, harmony