Thursday, April 28, 2016

Do real Sadhana ~ Atman Nityananda

To get out of the mind-made matrix it is not so easy, dear brothers. Similarly, it is not so difficult. It depends on our maturity due to practice we did in previous lives.

The great masters declair that even for wise men constant effort is necessary to destroy the ego. How can this can be easy for people who identify with their body and mind?

Sri Adi shankaracharya says:
342. Even wise men cannot suddenly destroy egoism after it has once become strong, barring those who are perfectly calm through the nirvikalpa samadhi. Desires are verily the effect of innumerable births. ~ (Vivekachudamani)

We have to do ceasesless and intense practice until the steady realization of the Self. Nobody knows when realization will happen. It is the divine will who rules everything. Practice accompanied with surrender is the surest and shortest way, 'Thy will be done, not mine.'

Sri Ramana Maharshi says:
'One must be ready to sacrifice everything for the truth.'

'Effort is needed so long as there is mind.' 'Without spiritual practice (upasana), there cannot be attainment. This is certain.'

'Firm resolve to discover the truth for oneself is important. It is the heart, it is necessary to hold on to enquiry till one's mind merges into its source, the heart. Ceaseless effort is needed.'

'But in all cases the effort must be ceaseless and untiring until the goal can be reached.'

'Effortless and choiceless awareness is our real state. But one cannot reach it without effort, the effort of deliberate meditation. All the age-long vasanas (impressions) carry the mind outwards and turn it to external objects..

You have to practise constantly with faith, steady determination, patience and perseverance, japa nama, mantras, pranayama, kirtan, self-analysis, introspection, self-observation, pratyahara, viveka, vairagya sama, dama (control of the mind and senses), concentration, affirmations, prayers, devotionals hymns etc. to purify the mind and heart. Simultaneously study about the nature of Atman, reflect on what you have read and practise meditation and Self-enquiry to realize your true nature. You have to practise until the mind is empty from desires, attachments, egoism, all samskara-s and vasana-s, (impressions, subtle desires and egoic tendencies) until you are established effortlessly to your true nature.

Sri Ramana Maharshi says:
'There is a state beyond our efforts or effortlessness. Until that is realized, effort is necessary.'
'...intense effort is necessary until the I-thought disappears completely in the heart (Self) and all the vasanas and samskaras are fried and do not revive again.'

' Knowledge (of the Self or Atman -Jnana) can only remain unshaken after all vasana-s are rooted out.' '... if one has not rooted out the vasanas, he will not attain salvation.'

Sri Adi shankaracharya says:

337. There is no Liberation for one who has attachment to the body, etc., and the liberated man has no identification with the body, etc.
299. So long as one has any relation to this wicked ego, there should not be the least talk about Liberation, which is unique.
303. As long as there is a trace of poison left in the body, how can one hope for recovery? Similar is the effect of egoism on the Yogi's Liberation.
317... the destruction of desires is Liberation, and this is considered as Liberation-in-life.
~ (Vivekachudamani)

Do real Sadhana dear brothers, do real Sadhana . You cannot wake up from the dream of separation only by talking and listening. Do intense Sadhana from this very moment to realize your divine nature. Time passes by very fast. Tomorrow will never come. Every day there is a tomorrow. Do not waste your time in trifling illusory sense pleasures. Live every moment of your life, for Self-realization. Put Advaita Vedanta into practice. Destroy 'I-ness' and 'mine-ness' that separate you from God and the world. Realize your real Self in this very life. Be an embodiment of peace, love and harmony. This is your birthright and the purpose you took for this human body.

Never think that you will fail in this attempt, that is a very difficult task or anything that can make you feel impotent. The whole universe is going to help you, because what you are doing is not only for you, but for the good of all. Life's main purpose is to be conscious of itself. So anybody who is marching towards Self-realization lives in harmony with the purpose of the whole of life. That's why life will give him everything he needs to to succeed in this endeavor. Never forget that God's Grace is always with you.

Peace, love, harmony