Sunday, April 3, 2016

Keep your energy high ~ Atman Nityananda

Keep your energy high

Only if you conserve your energy you can be in a position to control the mind and senses moment to moment, remain alert, avoid identification with the mental and emotional patterns and dissolve them. You need energy to follow a regular systematic daily sadhana.

Without energy nothing is possible; neither to succeed to the mundane life nor to spiritual.

Therefore utilize your body, mind and senses properly and take care of them in order to be healthy and balanced.

Do not waste your energy in idle talking, reading news papers, watching tv, hot debates, talking much, excessive physical and mental exertion, sitting up late, sexual thoughts,  eating much, mixing a lot with people etc.

Follow right diet, give rest to body and mind, maintain a balance between action and rest, do some kind of exercise daily, do some pranayama and hatha yoga asanas, take some ayurvedic herbs and vitamins when is needed, keep contact with nature.

Keep your energy high and dedicate your body, heart and mind to spiritual sadhana to achieve your transformation and the realization of your true nature. Be an embodiment of peace, love and harmony!