Thursday, April 7, 2016

The world is a mirror of ourselves ~ Atman Nityananda

The world is a mirror of ourselves

Who criticizes the imperfections of this word? The imperfection in us. Viz. The ego or egoism. The imperfection in us (ego) only wants and likes to criticize the imperfection that sees outside. Not our true Self or Consciousness.

By doing so the ego feeds itself and feels a non existent illusory superiority. By doing so the ego tries to overcome the emotions of insufficiency, unworthiness, inferiority, and hide its own defects and imperfections.

But any imperfection or defect that ego sees outside and focus on is only its own imperfections and defects that projects on others.

Thus if you cannot see by self-observation directly your own defects, by being aware what defects and imperfections you see, recognise or criticize on others you already know that these are only your own.

By knowing that everything you see outside is only a reflection of your self, use it as a mean to know your self deeper.

Instead of believing that what you see has nothing to do with you, investigate to discover these defects in you and by proper means be free from them!

By doing so and by dissolving one by one all these defects you see in the world and others you will be free and you will enjoy the peace and Bliss of your true nature!

Note: The same happens with the beauty. All beauty and positive qualities you see outside, know that these exist already in you. You cannot see outside something that you don't recognize it in you, and recognition presupposes   that this quality exist already in you .