Monday, April 4, 2016

The core of our egoic tendencies and suffering ~ Atman Nityananda

 The core of our egoic tendencies and suffering

‘Iness, desire and pride together with laziness as well as tamas and rajas gunas are the womb of all kinds of suffering, in the form of separation, negative emotional turmoil, violence, wars etc. 

Separation, incompleteness, uneasiness, insufficiency, discontentment are created by the 'Iness, desire and pride.  
These three are aspects of one energy which by modification assumes innumerable forms and expressions (anger, fear, impatience, passion, envy, jealousy, greed,  etc.) creating thus innumerable ways to suffer. 

 1. ‘Iness: is the strong sense ‘the body is me’ or ‘I am the body’.
In reality this field of egoic-energy in its 'passive' form creates the sense ‘the body is me’ or ‘I am the body’ and its active form becomes the impulse of desire and the innumerable emotional expressions.
 2. Desire: is the impulse which makes us seek sexual pleasure and any kind of pleasure, pleasant sensations and experiences through the contact of our mind with the external objects. 
All emotions anger, fear, impatience, passion, envy, jealousy, greed, depression, hatred, disappointment, etc. are only modifications of the desire.  
The mechanism of desire is connected with pride which is the desire to be special, better or superior than others.  

3. Pride: is the compulsive desire to be special, better or superior than others.
Feeling pride is a kind of vital-emotional pleasure. Pride is related to fame, name, prestige, position, money, achievements, positions, knowledge, power etc.
Pride is also related with the self-image and self-esteem and the feelings of insecurity and inferiority. In this case pride becomes a mean to overcome the painful feelings of insecurity and inferiority.

These three are the core of what we call ego or egoism which is a field of energy crystallized in our astral body. The core of this ego-energy is lust; primary sexual lust which by modification becomes lust and desire for food, money, fame, name, pride etc.

Any aspect of your problems is based on them or they are an extension of these three fundamental egoistic tendencies.

This field of egoic energy having as center the three basic aspects mentioned above create in us almost always a constant sense of incompleteness, uneasiness, insufficiency, discontent and separation.

Instead of being aware and dissolve this egoic field of energy (and the Iness-desire-pride mechanism) which the womb of all misery and suffering, due to ignorance and the domination of our mind by lust  and desire, we are trying by mean of any kind of pleasurable or pleasant experience to overcome (of course only temporarily)
the above mentioned painful states (incompleteness ...) and any kind of suffering.

But this behavior increases more and more the egoic energy and strengthens the desire-pride mechanism and thus the misery and suffering increases as well.

Only by connecting with our essence or true Self within and by observing consciously and intentionally our psych we can discover and by proper means dissolve these energies and live with peace, harmony and happiness.

Peace and happiness can be experienced only by a pure sattvic mind which rests in its source -Atman or consciousness. Pure is a mind which is free from ‘Iness, desire and pride as well as tamas and rajas and all other modifications (anger, fear, greed, impatience, envy, avarice, etc..

Purity and freedom can be achieved by intense, regular, systematic, daily spiritual practices, self-enquiry, meditation and samadhi.

Peace, love , harmony