Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What do you really want? ~ Atman Nityananda

What do you really want?

You want pleasure or love? You want pleasure or peace? You want pleasure or infinite bliss?

To have both at once is impossible. Pleasures are of the mind and peace of our Soul. The pleasures come from outside and peace, love and happiness from inside. If we focus our attention and mind within we enjoy the peace and bliss of our Soul or Atman If we focus our attention and mind through the senses outwards we experience pleasure pain, and suffering (which is inevitable).

If you want to experience the sensory pleasures of this worldly life, you have to accept pain, disease, suffering, birth and death that accompany them undoubtedly.

If you think that you can have pleasures and avoid suffering you got it wrong. This is just an imagination of the egoic mind that is essentially lust and desire. The lusty mind cannot and doesn’t want to see things as they are; it just wants to continue enjoying pleasures. Truly all suffering not only is caused by desire but is a modification of desire itself. The desire itself is transformed into anger, fear, jealousy, greed, fear, disappointment, depression and all other painful emotions that cause suffering in us. In addition in order to satisfy our desires for pleasure, money or fame
we have done (almost all) stupid actions that were harmful for us and others as well. Many times also we misuse or overuse our body, energy, mind and senses causing unbalances and health problems.

Yes I know, you can tell me 'I have control over my desires'. I say that this may be true at the moment (although I'm sure you already suffer in various ways).

But life is dynamic not static. We are all moving: upwards or downwards. Then undoubtedly soon or later your state of consciousness will be better or worse depending on how you live. The more we focus to fulfill our desires the more our mind becomes extroverted, distracted and dense and hence the more we move away from our true nature and more intense will be our suffering.

On the contrary the more we eliminate the egoic mind and the desires the more transparent, luminous the mind becomes and more we come closer to our true nature. And since our true Self  (Atman, Consciousness) is the source of peace, bliss and freedom without limits the more the mind is pure and free from desires the more we enjoy endless bliss and peace that are beyond the realm pleasure and pain.

Since you cannot have both, you have to choose between sensory pleasures and the joy of Being that is beyond suffering, birth and death. What do you really want more? You have to choose, and live according you decision!

Jesus said it this way: You cannot serve God and money (mammon) at the same time.¨ Matthew 6:24

Peace, Love and Light