Thursday, May 12, 2016

The dance of Maya ~ Atman Niyananda

The dance of Maya

The most powerful weapon of Maya is lust which create havoc to men by identification, imagination and projection.

How powerful is this lust indeed. Lust makes the impossible happen; makes people seek happiness there where there is only a little imaginary pleasure and innumerable pain and suffering.

Lust makes men feel uneasy, discontent, incomplete and unfulfilled and by the power of imagination compel them seek compulsively pleasure of any kind.

Lust by the power of imagination creates in the mind abstract images of the objects and projects on them pleasure and happiness.

But both are not existent in the objects. Only sexual pleasure exists and even in this case a great part of the sexual pleasure is imaginary. Sexual dreams prove that sexual pleasure can be reproduced by the power imagination.

How powerful is this Maya indeed!

The pleasure that we experience when we enjoy other objects (ie. food) is created by lust and has nothing to do with objects.

Happiness also has nothing to do with the objects.  Happiness always derives from our Soul when our mind becomes calm and introverted; this happens either when our desire is fulfilled (when desire is fulfilled the mind becomes serene and introverted for a while) or when we consciously we calm and introvert the mind by meditation.

If  you want to be free from fear, anger, depression, discontentment and any kind of suffering and experience the peace and bliss infinite there is only way; the dissolution of the desires and the establishment of the mind in our heart where always shines inexhaustible peace and bliss!