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Self-realization and rebirth of water and spirit ~Atman Nityananda

Self-realization and rebirth of water and spirit

Spirituality is a way of living and a process by which we attain Self-realization or Liberation. By regular, diligent and sincere practice we aim to purify our heart and mind and by incessant practice of meditation to merge the pure mind completely in its source (Consciousness, Brahman).

"Self-realization can be achieved through constant meditation with a mind and heart that have become pure and stable through regular practice, selfless service and Japa Nama."
~ Swami Sivananda

"Liberation is the attainment of Supreme Bliss and Immortality and the elimination of all kinds of suffering. Liberation is freedom from birth and death. "
~ Swami Sivananda

What is to be born of water and spirit?

Jesus and Nicodemus

John 3:3,"Truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he can not see the kingdom of God."
John 3:5 "... Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.."
~ Jesus Christ

What really is to be born of water

To "be born of water" is related to the transformation of sexual energy. Sexual energy is related to the second major chakra, named Svadhisthana, (the element of this chakra is the water) and the first chakra, named Muladhara in which lies dormant the cosmic energy in the form of serpentine power or coiled energy called Kundalini Shakti. Due to relation of sexual energy with the Svadhisthana chakra which is related with the element of water, Jesus spoke in a symbolic way about the birth of water; incomprehensible for the majority but known to all those that know the esoteric human psychology and the spiritual process.

 The sexual energy by spiritual practices is transformed into spiritual energy and causes the following effects:

1. First is transformed into ojas and tejas* which are necessary to be developed the superior capabilities of the mind and achieve the deepest Samadhi without which the ego cannot be dissolved completely.
2. Second builds up the sheaths or bodies of light that are the true and imperishable bodies of the Soul.
3. Awaken the Sakti-kundalini, which awakens the superior capabilities of the seven major chakras which are positioned along the spine.

NOTE: Tejas*  (It is what makes the mind and the face of the enlightened ones to shine. That’s why in the sacred art of the Christian churches, (oriental and Western,) they have designed a gold (yellow or white) halo around the head of saints and Christ.

 Shakti Kundalini cannot be awakened if we have not purified the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis; this purification is aligned with the purification of the mind which is possible by several practices and which presupposes the dissolution of the egoic tendencies (anger, lust, gluttony, pride, greed, fear, impatience, jealousy, arrogance, vanity, etc.) .

How awakens the Kundalini
~ Swami Sivananda

Before the awakening the Kundalini is necessary to have Deha Suddhi (purity of body), Nadi Suddhi (purification of energy astral channels), Manas Suddhi (purity of mind), Buddhi Suddhi (purity of intellect), Bhuta Suddhi (purification of elements) and Adhara Suddhi (purification of the base of the spine).

If you have proper purification (Suddhi), perfection (Siddhi), will come by itself. Perfection (Siddhi) is not possible without purification (Suddhi).

One has to give up all desires and possess Vairaya (dispassion), before attempting to awaken the Kundalini. If a person full of impurities in his mind awakens the Shakti with extreme effort through asanas, mudras and pranayamas, he will ‘break his legs’and will have a fall. It will not be able to climb the ladder of yoga. That is the main reason why people leave the spiritual path or develop certain physical deformities. There is nothing wrong in Yoga. But achieve purity first, a full knowledge of the Sadhana, a suitable guide, and a steady and gradual practice.

Kundalini is awakened through pranayama, asanas and mudras by Hatha yogis, through concentration by raja yogis, through devotion and perfect self-surrender by bhaktas or devotees; by analytical will by jnanis; by repetition of the mantra and the grace of a true master.

The awakening of the Kundalini is not easy, as you can imagine. It is extremely difficult.

When all desires vanish when the mind becomes pure when all the senses are bowed down, you get firmness of mind to a considerable degree, and finally the idea of ​​egoism (Iness) and mine (Mineness)  fade, then the Kundalini is then awakened by itself. Only then, it is beneficial its awakening.

However the awakening of Kundalini Shakti for aspirants of Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga it doesn’t happen by specific practices that are essential for aspirants of Tantra yoga or Kundalini yoga. For the aspirants of Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga the purification nsdis and the mind happen by different practices and processes than those that follow the aspirants of Tantra and Hatha Yoga. Yet, it is true that there are qualities such as vairagya (dispassion) that the aspirants of all kind of yogas  have to develop in a very high level, although they develop it (the dispassion) by different processes. The Bhaktas by love and devotion to God, the Jnanis by discernment and reasoning sama and dama and Hatha yogis by mantras, controling the breath, the prana and the sexual energy.

Since this process of purification and control of the mind is very difficult and exigent,  Swami Sivananda (and me also from my own experience)  proposes the yoga of synthesis which includes practices and methods of all major yogas; each one according to his inclination, experience, mental and emotional capacities and destiny will have one or two of the yogas as the main ones in his sadhana, that is, he will spend more time practicing techniques of his favourite yoga. Personally I follow a sadhana based on Jnana yoga and Bhakti yoga but I Include in my sadhana other practices also.

Conclusion: To be born of water means the transformation of sexual energy and the awakening of kundalini-Shakti.

Being born of the spirit

To be born of the Spirit happens by the transformation of the mind into consciousness through deep meditation to its source Consciousness or Spirit (also Brahman, God, name it as you like). When the pure (by prolonged sadhana) mind meditates continuously and deeply in its source, Consciousness, at the end it melts in it and becomes identical with Consciousness. This is the birth of the Spirit.

This merging of the mind in Consciousness is possible only to a mind that has become pure sattvic through spiritual practices for a long time (and many lives of preparation in the past lives) a mind which it is enriched by ojas and tejas and empowered by the transformed sexual energy. The highest samadhis are possible only to a mind that is pure and is impregnated with Ojas and tejas. Without deep Nirvikalpa samadhi the fusion of the mind in consciousness it is impossible. Without the merging of the mind in consciousness the dissolution of ego and the transformation of mind as consciousness are impossible; and thus liberation is impossible as well.

Thus the purification of the mind that is related with the elimination of the egoic tendencies precedes of the new born of water and Spirit. Without the elimination of the egoic tendencies, and especially the sexual lust, the sexual energy the mind and the prana cannot become pure and thus cannot happen the awaken of kundalini as well as the mind cannot meditate deeply and merge in the Spirit. Without dying there is no rebirth of water and the Spirit, this is what all great masters told us in various ways.

The two 'births´ of water and spirit are not two different processes, but an integral process that happens from above and below at the same time. We try to purify the mind and vital and sexual energies by several practices in order to awaken the latent capacities of the mind and at the same time by meditation to connect our mind with its source (God, Consciousness, Brahman). This process, that I call it ´The double process´ ends with the Death (dissolution) of the ego and the clear or complerte realization that we are Consciousness. This is what we call as Self-realization, Liberation, Enlightenment or Divinization of the human being.

"Liberation is the annihilation only this small self-arrogating ego and the realization of the identity of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul. With the annihilation of this small I you possess totally the true universality, you attain eternal life."
~ Swami Sivananda

"The knower of Brahman becomes Brahman himself. Being Brahman, while still alive, he is released from the wheel of birth and death."
~ Swami Sivananda

Peace, Love and Harmony!