Friday, May 6, 2016

The nonduality through the little story of the ‘YOU, the ‘you and the SELF ~ Atman Nityananda

The nonduality through the little story of the ‘YOU, the ‘you and the SELF
         The persons of the story
The YOU with capitals refers to YOU as a human being in its totality.
The little you with the small letters, is the body-mind entity caused by the fantom of ‘I or
ego. This illusory ego makes us identify with the body and mind; it is an aggregation of tendencies, patterns, impulses, emotions and habits that make us live separate from God and life and suffer.
The SELF or Atman (Consciousness) is what we really are in essence
 YOU are a human being. YOU as a human being are in short: body, vital energy, mind (sensory, emotional and thinking), intellect and Consciousness (SELF, Atman).

YOUR true identity is Consciousness, the Self or Atman, but the illusory ego or 'I, causes the identification with the body and mind and so YOU become the little you.

The little you creates an illusory separation between YOU and the Self (which YOU really are) and so you feel separated from your divine nature as well as all others and life. So you live like a little you (a body-mind entity) fighting against yourself, others and nature to survive and fulfill your self-centered desires (for pleasure, fame, money, comfort, possessions, etc. superiority).

So instead of living as YOU, that is, as an integral human being, awaken to YOUR true nature (SELF, Consciousness) and in harmony with it, due to the ego or 'I, YOU live like a
little you, which utilizes YOU (ie. all faculties of YOUR existence as human being, body, prana, mind and intellect), to meet his egocentric appetites and desires for pleasure, power, fame and superiority, etc..

Since YOU don’t discern that are identified with the
little you (YOU don’t understand also what exactly is this little you) YOU think and believe that all desires for pleasure, money, fame, power etc. are YOURS. But yet all these desires are only of the little you, not YOURS.

When by incessant, systematic, regular, sincere practice YOU disidentify from the ego, the body and the mind and finally the ego is dissolved in profound Nirvikalpa samadhi, YOU cease to be the small you and is realized by none that ‘YOU’ are the SELF (Consciousness) that is expressed through YOU (as a human being), and that YOU are only the SELF in expression, the two are One. Living (free from ego and suffering) in a ‘state’ of Oness enjoying the peace and bliss eternal of the SELF, is what is called Nonduality.
 Om Peace