Monday, March 14, 2016

Without devotion Self-realization is quite impossible Atman Nityananda

Without devotion Self-realization is quite impossible
Atman Nityananda

Devotion is a complete dedication of body, prana. mind and heart to God or Truth. It is love for God. It is intense longing and aspiration to realize Truth or God consciousness.

 Devotion to God takes our interest and attention from the external world and the sensory objects and directs it in our inner world, in our heart, the center of our existence. 

By gathering our attention from the outer world we stop the creation of worldly samskaras (impressions and vasanas (tendencies) and we stop to empower the egoic tendencies that already are stored in our subconscious mind (chitta), which are mainly based on desire, pride, fear and anger.

The repetition of God’s names (japa nama ), kirtan and the prayer increase the sattva guna, eliminates the rajas and tamas and dissolves gradually all egoic tendencies. Meditation and Self-enquiry direct the mind towards the source of our mind and thus the mind abandons the objects and is permeated by peace and light divine.

Thus the egoism which is fed and grows by the sensory inputs and the impressions which are created by these inputs,  gradually is thinned out and our mind becomes purer and purer reflecting more and more with clarity the divine light, peace and love.

Devotion is not only for aspirants of Bhakti yoga but also for jnana yoga aspirants. Without devotion a real progress in spiritual path is not possible. The bhaktas are devoted to a form of God while the jnanis in the impersonal truth (Atman or Brahman). For some devotion to a form is easier and for others appears more natural to be devoted to the impersonal Truth. Both lead at the same destination. The dissolution of egoic self and the realization of our essence, God or Brahman and the unity of life.

Really there are only two methods, Enquiry and devotion. One leads to the other. A devotee concentrates on God.
A seeker, follower of the Jnana-marga seeks the Self. The practice is equally difficult for both.
Since God is verily the Self, love of the Self is love of the God and that is bhakti. Jnana and Bhakti are thus one and the same.

Service, like prayers, japa and even businesss done in God’s name, lead to the highest Goal; Self-realization.

Complete effacement of the ego is necessary to conquer destiny, whether you achieve this effacement through Self enquiry or through bhakti-marga.
Self-enquiry is possible for mature minds, not for immature ones.

For the immature ones, japa nama, worship of images, pranayama, visualizing a pillar of light and similar yogic and spiritual and religious practices have been prescribed.
~ Sri Ramana Maharshi