Saturday, March 12, 2016

HINTS ABOUT SADHANA (Spiritual practice) ~ Swami Sivananda


Practise Sadhana Now 


This is the time when you should spend your time happily by doing regular Japa and meditation. God has given you all conveniences and opportunities. Remember Him and thank Him always.

Sing His glories. Hold Sankirtan at night with all the members of the family. Be bold. Be cheerful. Be calm. Be contented. Be good. Do good. Be pure. Be alert. Become a Jivanmukta in this very birth.


Do Constant Sadhana 


Keep your mind always busy in doing Japa, concentration, meditation, study of religious books, Satsanga or in doing something useful.

Regularity in Sadhana is of paramount importance. Remember this point always.

May you lead a contented and happy life singing the Lord’s Name at all times by doing selfless service, sharing what you have with others and by regular Japa and meditation.


Be Regular In Your Sadhana 


Keep a balanced mind always. Be cheerful and happy. 

Drive the feelings of depression and gloom at once by enquiry, singing Divine songs, prayers, chanting of Om, Pranayama, a brisk walk in the open air and thinking of the opposite quality viz., the feeling of joy. You will be happy.

Apply yourself diligently to Yoga. Employ your skill and promptness. Kill the thoughts and desires.

Do not become a fatalist. Stand like a lion. Exert. Aspire. You will attain independence.

Steady the mind. Fix it on the Lord. Plod on patiently like the farmer at his plough. Be persevering. 

This is real Sadhana. Be regular in your Sadhana. This will give you freedom, bliss, peace and immortality.