Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cheer Up, O Friend! ~ Swami Sivananda

Cheer Up, O Friend!

1. Why do you weep, O Friend! You have no death. Why do you weep? You are bodiless and mindless. You are free from sorrow, pain, and delusion. You are Pure Consciousness, O friend!

2. There is neither old age nor death for you; Friend! why do you weep? Assert, ‘I am the Wisdom, Immortal, the Homogeneous Essence, all-pervading like the Sky’.

3. You are neither born nor dead. You are the pure attributeless Brahman. How can there be bondage and liberation for you, O Child!

4. O Friend! why do you weep? Drink the nectar of Immortality. Become the SELF of the self.

5. Know the One Pure Consciousness which is without thought and mind. Know the One Consciousness which is without senses, Prana and intellect.

6. The Cause (Pure Consciousness) pervades the effect. The effect does not pervade the Cause. The effect is unreal. Therefore take hold of the Cause, the Real.

7. Commune with the indweller (God) through meditation and heartfelt prayer. Lay bare the troubles of your heart to Him. He will instil in you spiritual strength and Wisdom.

8. Meditation gives comfort, strength, peace, poise, success and develops your personality. Therefore meditate regularly.

9. By worrying all your energies are wasted. No useful purpose is served thereby. So give up all worries. Pray to God. All worries will end.

10. He who is desireless, self-controlled, passionless, tranquil and steady attains Self-realisation.

11. You are Pure and Bodiless. You have no mind. You are the Immortal, all-pervading Atman, the Supreme Truth. Assert This. Feel This. Realise this and be free!