Thursday, March 10, 2016

MESSAGE OF PREM ~ Swami Sivananda

Snatam Kaur
by Swami Sivananda 

Prem is the flower of flowers. It is the rarest of all flowers. It is cultivated in the hearts of devotees.

Prem or Bhakti is intense love or highest form of devotion to God. It is supreme attachment to the Lotus-Feet of the Lord. It springs from the bottom of the devotee's heart.

There is not a bit of effort. There is a genuine, natural, spontaneous longing to meet God in the heart. Just as fish cannot live without water, just as the sun-flower cannot live without the sun, just as the chaste wife cannot live without her husband, so also a true Bhakta cannot live without God even for a moment.

Bhakti or Prem is of the nature of nectar. It gives freedom to the devotee and makes him perfect and fully satisfied. It takes him to the Lotus-Feet of the Lord.