Thursday, March 3, 2016

Twenty sweetest drops from “Ambrosia” -Swami Sivanands

Twenty sweetest drops from “Ambrosia” 
by Swami Sivananda  

1. Brahman is Immortal Wisdom, Eternal Beauty, Infinite Consciousness and Everlasting Peace.

2. The Pure Eternal Atman is Sareera Traya Vilakshana, Panchakosha Vyatirikta and Avastha Trayarahita.

3. The language of Brahman is silence. His law is harmony. His nature is abiding peace.
4. Love generates knowledge and knowledge leads one to love.

5. Behind the variety and plurality of objects there is an all-embracing unity.

6. Man is a subject and not an object. He is a seer.

7. Truth, Love, and Purity—these three constitute Divine Life.

8. God plus desire is man. Man minus desire is God.

9. Discrimination and purity are the hubs in which the axle of Truth is fixed.

10. Truthfulness and love are the wings which raise us to God.

11. There is no virtue higher than Truth.

12. Kanchana, Kamini and Kirthi—these three K’s are the enemies of wisdom. Embrace poverty, observe chastity, and practise humility; and you can be free from them.

13. A Jivanmukta is a Mahakarta, a Jivanmukta is a Maha Bhokta.

14. The causes of rebirth are desire and ignorance.
15. A Jivanmukta is always in Samadhi even during all sorts of action.

16. Hook the fish of desire by abstinence. Remove the darkness of ignorance by the light of knowledge.

17. Samadhi is the highest bliss. It is the experience of the light of the Absolute and the end of all relative existence.

18. ‘OM’ is a guide for the knowledge of the Self and a key to unlock the door of Moksha (Liberation).

19. Liberation is not merely the absence of all misery. It is a state of Bliss.

20. Moksha (Liberation) the realisation of the non-dualistic, pure consciousness. It is a state of desirelessness.