Thursday, March 10, 2016

Self-realization and effort - Ramana Maharshi - Swami Sivananda

Self-realization and effort

- ‘No one success without effort and the successful few own their victory to perseverance.’

- ‘Effort must be made to eradicate the vasanas. Jnana can only remain unshaken after all the vasanas are rooted out.’ 

- 'The Ego must, die, must vanish along with the inherent vasanas’.
~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

The force of impressions is tremendous. Unless all the impressions are thoroughly burnt through entry into the state of the pure Nirvikalpa Samadhi, it is not safe for one to stay a long time in one’s native place. He will still be in the danger zone.”
~ Swami Sivananda

· When Brahman is realised by means of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, then the heart’s knot viz., Avidya (ignorance), Kama (desire) and Karma (action), is destroyed.
~ Swami Sivananda

· When through practice we are constantly in that free from thought state (nirvikalpa Samadhi) not going into Samadhi and coming out again, that is the natural state (sahaja state).’ 

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

Nadie triunfa sin esfuerzo. Aquellos que trinfan deben su éxito a la perseverancia.

Esfuerzo debe hacerse para erradicar los vasanas. Jnana sólo puede permanecer inalterable después de que todos los vasanas están arraigados a cabo. "

· El yo debe morir, debe desaparecer junto con los vasanas inherentes.
-Ramana Maharshi.