Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is the difference of a Buddha and a deluded one? ~ Atman Nityananda

What is the difference of a Buddha and a deluded one?

Their difference is the same like the difference of the Sun and the moon.

A Buddha has purified his mind and buddhi by sadhana and by self-enquiry or deep meditation and samadhi his buddhi merges in consciousness and becomes identical with consciousness (Brahman)

The pure mind is itself Brahman; it therefore follows that Brahman is not other than the mind of the sage.” 
― Ramana Maharshi

Thus the buddhi of a Buddha is illuminated; viz. it is free from egoism, desire, fear, anger, like-dislike, atraction-repulsion, attachment and suffering; it is pure sattva and identical with consciousness, experiencing peace and ananda effortlessly.

While the buddhi of a deluded is full of rajas and tamas, egoism, desires fear, anger, likes, dislikes, attchments, addictions, etc. and lives in separation and suffering.

A Deluded radiates painfull emotional and mental vibrations. He lives in separation and  darkness.
A buddha radiates divine light, peace, love and harmony and lives in unity with all life. He is Brahman itself.