Sunday, November 27, 2016

The physical-vital ego & desire are one / Atman NItyananda

The physical-vital ego & desire are one

The physical-vital ego it is not different from desire. This ego and desire are one and the same energy.

This desirous ego identifies with the body and seeks pleasures through senses. It moves between pleasure and pain. It struggles to avoid pain and enjoy as much as possible pleasures, power, fame and name.

This physical ego cannot understand that the very seeking of pleasure is pain and also that all pain and suffering are caused by the pleasures; thus we deluded by this unintelligent ego we create our self-made prison of suffering.

Detached observation of th vital-ego, discriminative enquiry and self-awareness (the inner silent space of consciousness) are the fundamental means to get rid and dissolve this vital ego.

Japa nama, prayer, kirtan, reflection, repetition of the names, satsang,  of God, meditation, pranayama, self-analysis, self-enquiry, affirmations, cultivation of virtues, as well as other techniques like EFT, purification of 49 subconscious levels of mind, purification of Nadis and chakras, Bach remedies are all important means to dissolve this virus-like ego.

But most important even than practices is our attitude and our inner state. A high aspiration to realize the Truth and be free from this mechanical compulsive ego, self-confidence, faith, determination, tenacity perseverance, patience, forbearance, sincerity and constant diligent practice are necessary to succeed in this endeavour; difficult indeed but possible to whom that gives all his energy, heart and mind to achieve it.

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