Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Goal of Vedanta ~ Swami Sivananda

The Goal of Vedanta

The goal or aim of life is self-realization;
it confers immortality, highest bliss,
knowledge, and supreme peace.

Fixing the mind on the source or inner self (Atman), and getting it absorbed there,
is the highest yajna (worship),
the highest charity,
the highest karma (action),
the highest bhakti (devotion),
the highest yoga or knowledge.

Now the little self-arrogating 'I' vanishes.

Just as the river joins the ocean, the little self becomes one with the ocean of bliss.

With the disappearance of the little illusory 'I' comes the disappearance of 'you', 'he', 'this', 'that', time, space and causation, 'mine' and thine', the pairs of opposites, the ideas of Jiva (Soul), Ishvara (God), Prakrti (Nature), etc. the whole world presents itself as Atman.

This grand vision, this magnanimous samadhi (super-consciousness), is Atmadarshan (vision of the ultimate reality), which is beyond description.

Many have attained this vision - why not you also?
Apply diligently right now in its achievement.