Wednesday, December 28, 2016



The central purpose of spiritual practice is to stop our identification with the body, the mind, (thoughts, feelings, impulses, desires, imaginations etc.) the external objects, and the ego itself and identify with our true Self (Consciousness).. As long as we continue to live identified with the egoic self it is impossible to avoid the pain and suffering. The identification strengthens the mechanical reactions (emotional, mental, desires) and the programming of the ego and obscures us to experience our true nature which is free from all suffering and limitations, and is the source of infinite peace and bliss.

The mechanism of identification is the same for both, the pleasure and the psychological pain (suffering). Both require identification to occur. Without identification there can be neither pleasure nor suffering. When we are focused deeply enough in our Self (Self-awareness) we don’t give space to our ego to react mechanically, but if we are not deeply focused within, then, although we remain alert and self-aware, our ego can react mechanically; however, since we are vigilant and self-aware we do not identify completely with the mental or emotional reaction and thus the egoic reaction cannot become a ‘huge wave’ and get lost in it.

If we want to develop the ability of non-identification with the lower or egoic self we must practice non identification in all cases; i.e. we must avoid or stop identification with the mental and emotional reactions related to pleasure, to those (mental and emotional reactions) that are related to suffering as well as not to identify with all little things, objects and situations of the everyday life. If we permit ourselves to identify with the pleasurable experiences (because we like to experience pleasure) or the little things of the daily life (because we consider it as no so important) then we cannot avoid identification with reactions of suffering due to habit.

The mind (and especially the manas or external mind) works by habit, and habit (exis) becomes our second nature; so, if we do not try to avoid identification in the pleasures as well as to everyday trifles, then the habit to identify it is strengthened at the level of the mind, prana and brain. Then, when manifests a feeling that hurts it is very difficult if not impossible to avoid identification with it, since all time we feed the habit of identification.

So it is a matter of choice. Do you want to continue identifying with the passionate desirous ego, in order to enjoy pleasure through the sensory experiences (accepting the pain and suffering that this entails), or you want to live free from fear, anger, attachment and desires, and enjoy the plenitude, peace, freedom and bliss of your true nature?

If you honestly want to be free from the illusion of I’ and ‘mine and the identification with the body which is the source of all identifications, pleasures and miseries then you should renounce and stop any kind of identification; you must do your best to control your mind and senses and live in Self-awareness, dispassion and detachment from the contents of the mind and senses.