Thursday, December 8, 2016

Our main goal is to realize our true Self ~ Atman Nityananda

Our main goal is to realize our true Self

You have to become investigators, inventors and innovators in order to be free from your ego and be united with your true Self ( Atman, Consciousness).

The mechanical repetition of practices can not bring significant results.

Intense longing for liberation, regularity, sincerity, tenacity, perseverance, determination, patience, self-confidence, faith, dedication and devotion are necessary to achieve Self-realization.

Death can come in any moment, do not waste your time in trifling ephemeral things, that you will lose soon or later.

Equip your self with all necessary qualities by intense regular sadhana in order to become able to meditate without a break in your own Self (Atman, Consciousness).

Then meditate incessantly until your mind to merge in its source (Consciousness), until the ego to dissolve totally, root and branch. Meditate until to be established in your essence (Consciousness) as the essence and live spontaneously and effortlessly the freedom, peace and bliss eternal!

Be a spiritual hero, walk against the mechanical flow of life and realize that you are God !