Friday, December 16, 2016

God, the Saint and Satsanga ~ Swami Sivananda

AMMA's Satsang

 What is Satsanga? 

1. To get oneself established in Brahman is real Satsanga. Company of the wise is also Satsanga. Study of religious books written by the realised souls is also Satsanga. Satsanga or association with the wise removes the darkness of the heart, leads you to the right path and causes the sun of wisdom to shine in your head. 

2. Satsanga is association with the wise. Live in the company of sages, saints, Sadhus, Yogis and Sannyasins; hear their valuable Upadesa (instructions) and follow them implicitly. This is Satsanga.

God and the Saint 

3. God is the great purifier. A saint also is a great purifier. 

4. God incarnates as saints and sages when their need is felt most.

5. God works through sages and saints.

6. God reveals Himself in a saint in His full glory, infinite power, wisdom and bliss.

7. The saints are the heart of the Lord and the Lord is the heart of the saint.

8. It is extremely difficult to come in contact with a saint and to be benefited by his company. It is 
through divine grace only one will get his Darshan (Presence) and Satsanga.

9. Divine grace works through saints.

10. Saints are the living symbols of religion and are the true benefactors of humanity.

11. The sage or saint or Yogi is a magnet. He is a centre of power and wisdom.

12. A sage is a sustainer of the world. He is a source of perpetual inspiration. He is an instrument through which divine grace is transmitted to the unregenerated men.

13. A sage is the salt which preserves the society from decay and degeneration.

14. A saint is a beacon-light in the stormy sea of this Samsara. He prevents many ship-wrecks in the lives of many human beings.

15. A realized sage or saint is a fountain of delight, joy and illumination. Seek his company and evolve. Serve him with faith and devotion.

16. A sage is a fountain of spiritual wisdom. Approach him with all humility and reverence. He will impart to you divine wisdom.

17. Learn wisdom from saints. They are your saviours. Know them to be saints who possess godly qualities.

How Holy Company Transforms

37. The human mind is a very receptive instrument. If you place it in evil company, it will acquire evil tendencies. If you place it in holy company, it will acquire divine traits.

38. Bright ideals infuse an urge to grow into their likeness. Evil examples also have a similar effect if the mind is not guarded.

39. If you go to a sage, there will automatically come a feeling of purity and peace within you.

40. Just as cold, fear and darkness depart from one who approaches fire, so does weakness, worldliness and ignorance depart from him who keeps himself near to the saints.

41. Saints at once purify those who go near them, whereas Ganga purges the sins of only those whom its water comes in contact with in ablution.

42. Saints cleanse the sinners at once at the very sight of them.

43. The sight of a sage is delightful. To live with him is always peaceful. To converse with him is blissful.

44. The moment the mind thinks of a sage, immediately all evil desires, base passions are brushed aside.

45. At the time of thinking of saintly personages, the mind gets moulded into the shape of the qualities of which it thinks, and thereby becomes pure.

46. Meditation on the lives of saints is equal to holy company. Study of their teachings is equal to holy company.

47. To think of the lives of saints, to live in their company, to have the good fortune of receiving their blessings, is to draw forth upon yourselves a shower of purity, inspiration and divine consciousness.

48. The very company of sages and saints has a tremendous transforming effect on the lives of true seekers. It lifts them up to the heights of sublimity, purity and spirituality. It does not fail to affect even the rank materialists.

49. By association with saints even for a short time, the aspirants acquire strong faith in the Lord.

50. The sage is very silent. He speaks a few words. These words produce a tremendous impression. They give a new life and joy to all who understand him and his message. In his presence alone all the doubts of the aspirants are cleared, though he remains mute.

51. The company of saints generates love for God. The love for God brings salvation.

52. One moment of company with the holy builds a ship to cross this ocean of life.

How to Benefit from the Company of Saints 

53. Jivanmuktas (the liberated sages) are ever ready to help those who are still climbing to reach the peak of wisdom. This is their work in this world. It is the duty of the aspirants to seek their aid and have a receptive attitude.

54. To benefit from the company of saints, you have to prepare yourself first. Do not go with any preconceived notion or prejudice. Go with an open, receptive mind. Go without expectations. Approach them humbly, respectfully.
Assimilate what appeals to you. If some of their teachings do not appeal to you, do not form a hasty opinion. If you do not like them, you need not take them to head. What may be suitable to another may not be suitable to you. Yet, with regard to broad fundamentals, there can be no difference of opinion.

55. One should possess the right desire to cross the ocean of Samsara and to attain Knowledge of Brahman through Satsanga.

56. When you go before a sage, do not ask him questions out of mere inquisitiveness. Sit in his presence humbly. Observe him. Listen to him without prejudice. Ask him only such questions about which you really need clarification.

57. Ask him only pertinent questions. Do not draw him into politics or public bickerings.

58. Meditate in the presence of a sage. You will get inner light which will clear your doubts.

59. An intelligent man only will understand and realize the Truth in the company of a sage.