Saturday, November 5, 2016

Freedom is our birthright. ~ Swami Sivananda

Freedom is our birthright

Freedom is knowledge, peace and bliss.
Freedom is man's birthright.

Consciously or unconsciously,
willingly or unwillingly,
all are attempting to attain this freedom.

The real reason is that there is in you the immortal, self-effulgent Soul or Atman, which is one without a second,
which has no rival, which is the inner ruler,
which is the support for the whole universe.

In reality, you are this Atman.
that is the reason why you have such a feeling and desire.

In every heart, there is this desire for freedom,
this all-consuming passion for liberty.

Freedom is the birthright of man.

Freedom is the very nature of Brahman or the eternal soul.
Brahman is eternally free.

The desire for freedom is there, even in the lowliest of god's creatures.

Freedom is an attribute of the soul, born with you.
no force, no known human device, can suppress that desire.

Freedom's flame is ever burning bright.
Freedom or liberation is the ultimate goal of man.

Freedom is liberation from the thraldom of mind and matter.

Real freedom 

Real freedom is not merely political or economic, though political and economic freedom is essential for the welfare of a people.

Real freedom is lordship over oneself.
It is the freedom of the self.
It is immortality, it is perfection.
It is attainable only by slow and painful stages.
Still the mind, herein lies freedom and bliss eternal. 

Real freedom is
freedom from birth and death,
freedom from the bondage of the flesh and mind,
freedom from the bonds of karma, and freedom from attachment to the body. 

From time pass into eternity, this is freedom or emancipation.
Real freedom is freedom from egoism and desires,
freedom from thoughts, likes and dislikes,  
freedom from lust, anger, greed and pride. 

Real freedom is identification with the supreme self. (Atman or Brahman)

Real freedom is to realize the self.
real freedom is merging in the absolute.

Freedom is in detachment and desirelessness.

Eradication and extinction of desires lead to the sublime state of supreme bliss and perfect freedom.