Friday, November 4, 2016

Lead the divine life. ~Swami Sivananda

The Lord is within you. He is seated in the heart of all beings. 

Whatever you see, hear, touch or feel, is God. Therefore, hate not anybody, cheat not anybody, harm not anybody. 

Love all and be one with all. You will soon attain eternal bliss and perennial joy. 

Be self-disciplined.

Be simple and harmonious, in thoughts, feelings, diet and dress. 

Love all. Fear none. 

Shake off lethargy, laziness and fear. 

Lead the divine life. 

Be a seeker after Truth or Reality. Understand the Law and Dharma. Be alert and vigilant. 

Overcome sorrow and conflict through enquiry and reflection. 

Move towards freedom, perfection and eternal bliss, every second

~Swami Sivananda