Wednesday, November 23, 2016

HOW TO BECOME RICH / Atman Nityananda


It is hard to acquire a pure mind and a pure heart but it is the only 'thing' worthy to strive for.

There is no treasure greater than a pure heart and a pure mind.

He who possess it is the richest man of the world.

A pure mind and heart is the foundation of fullness, plenitude, freedom, peace and bliss eternal!

Live every moment of your life for Self-realization. Seek the company of saints or advanced spiritual aspirants. Practice with self-confidence, faith, devotion and determination.

Be ready to climb 'mountains' and cross 'oceans' in order to get your freedom.

Seek God, love God, remember God, repeat his name, sing his name, hear his name, dance with his name, control senses and mind, pray, meditate, inquire, discriminate between the Self and the no-self, develop patience, perseverance and forbearance, success is assured. The grace of God is always with you.