Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This is the way to spiritualise all your actions ~ Swami Sivananda

This is the way to spiritualize all your actions

What is the Divine Life?

To shed the animal in man, and to sublimate the human in him to the divine.
To express the sublimation, in his daily life, in his hourly life, in thought, word, and deed, that is divine life.
To pray, to do japa nama (repetition of God's name), to sing the glory of God, to do kirtan (chanting mantras), to meditate on the Lord, is divine life.

Understand life. Live divinely. Seek good company. 

Fear not. Waste not time.Depend on God.
Understand life's supreme purpose. Seek the eternal. Realize the underlying essence.
Have intense thirst for liberation. Die to live. Discipline the mind. Have self-control. Learn to be wise. Make the best use of this human birth. Realize the oneness of existence.

See God in all beings and things, see the world as a manifestation of God. It is not necessary to abandon the world in order to have a vision of God, because the world itself is a manifestation of God.

Treat all kinds of work, domestic, official, etc., as service of God. Surrender all your actions and their fruits to the Lord. give up agency. Feel you are an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Actions will not bind you. Your heart will be purified. The grace and light of God will descend on you.

This is the way to spiritualize all your actions.