Friday, March 3, 2017

The primary obstacles of our spiritual transformation ~ Atman NItyananda

The primary obstacles of our spiritual transformation 

Procrastination, boredom, laziness and unpleasantness to do the scheduled daily practice is one of the biggest obstacles to our spiritual transformation.

Along with these self-justification completes the recipe of failure. The ego has infinite ways to justify itself.

The majority fail to awaken and finally realize fully the Self due to the above tamasic expressions of ego. 

However the biggest obstacles of enlightenment are lust, pride and ambition along with the fear that accompanies all other egoic tendencies. But we have first to address and overcome the primary tamasic obstacles, because without a systematic, organized daily practice we cannot work efficiently and eliminate all other egoic tendencies. 

Without a dedicated, sincere and regular practice, we cannot drink the water of immortal life; we will remain romantic devotees of spirituality by reading spiritual books, attending lectures or seminars, by browsing the Internet, etc., until something to shake us and make us  practice with determination and dedication.