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The process of dissolution of the egoic patterns and tendencies it is an integral work and relates to all aspects of Sadhana (to all spiritual practices). In order to free our minds from the selfish patterns requires a daily, diligent, sincere and systematic practice. However there are some specific ways or methods* by which we can dissolve the egoic tendencies.
 This work of dissolution of the egoic patterns and tendencies has two main objectives.

1. We must stop the creation of new patterns and tendencies as well as stop the strengthening of the already existing patterns and tendencies stored in the subconscious mind. 
2. We must eliminate the already existing patterns and tendencies by appropriate means (techniques, practices, methods and strategies).

In order to avoid the creation of new patterns and the strengthening of the old ones, we must avoid or stop the identification with the mind (emotional and thinking, - thoughts, beliefs, emotions, moods, imaginations), with the body and the external objects and change our mechanical reactions from moment to moment. This can be done by several ways. The most fundamental prerequisites are: be moment to moment vigilant and alert, remain self-aware (self-awareness), exercise dispassionate, discriminative self-observation, control the senses and mind, keep the mind focused, exercise the discernment, repeat the name of God or a mantra and prayer.

In order to dissolve the existing egoic tendencies and patterns, it is necessary to exercise moment to moment all these I mentioned above as well as to apply daily some specific for the dissolution of the egoic tendencies techniques and methods.

Thus, although the dissolution of the egoic tendencies and patterns is connected with all aspects of the spiritual practice there are some specific methods or techniques to achieve this directly. 

I mention here some of the most important ways and methods to dissolve the egoic tendencies. The instructions about the application of these methods will be explained in other essays. 

1. Prayer to divinity (Divine Shakti or God) to dissolve this particular egoic tendency or energy.

2. The repetition of a mantra of God´s name or the Divine mother´s name (Om, Om Sri Durgaye namaha, Om Jesus Christ namaha, Om nama Shivay etc.). 

3. The practice of introspection, observation, analysis, reflection, comprehension and dissolution by prayer and visualization.

4. Positive visualization together with respiration, affirmations and prayer

5. By connecting with the divine energies of love, light and feeling that these energies permeate our mind, heart and energy field and purify the negative or the egoic energy.

6.The dissolution of the egoic tendency in the 49 subconscious levels.

7. The one pointed, discriminative enquiry 

8. Another way (if we are capable to do so) is to 'download' the power of the silent space within on the emotion by focusing our attention in the source of the silent space and then without to lose connection with it to put our attention also to the emotion.  

9. Facing the Sun and asking the Sun forces to dissolve the egoic tendency or energy.

10. The method EFT* and the Sedona* method. 

11. Bach flower remedies*.

I consider also very important to purify and clear regularly (especially when we are exposed in negative energy fields, of persons, areas, shops, houses), our subtle bodies, chakras and nadis (vital energy channels) from any negative energy that came from outside or of ours. This can be done by prayer, by reiki or any other way of pranic healing.

In this process of the dissolution of egoic patterns meditation and self-inquiry play a fundamental role because without to be aware of our essence, our true Self, we cannot remain as a detached observer of our mind. It will be extremely difficult to disidentify from the emotional reactions and the thinking patterns as well as to develop discernment, dispassion and the dispassionate discriminative self-observation that are indispensable for the dissolution of the egoic patterns and Self-realization.

Question: Have we (it is necessary) to exercise all the above ways and methods in order to dissolve the ego?
 Answer: No. Each person can select some of them. 

According my experience I consider the prayer and God's name or a mantra as the most important ways to dissolve the ego. I consider also as very important the practices No 3 (Introspection, observation, analysis etc., especially for the first years of sadhana, and No 7 The one pointed, discriminative enquiry (which we must exercise  during all day in order to stop identification with the egoic patterns and facilitate its dissolution).   

I recommend highly the No 3 method (of introspection, observation, analysis etc.), because by practicing this method we will  become capable to apply all other methods easily. This happens because in this method, which the most fundamental one, are included all the elements and capacities (attention, detached and discriminative observation, Self-awareness, prayer, visualization) that are common to almost all other methods, All other methods include some of these elements of attention, detached and discriminative observation, Self-awareness, prayer, visualization but each method  works in a different way.

EFT and Sedona are very simple and effective methods and although have some common elements with my own methods, they approach the dissolution of the egoic tendencies in a different way. However I used these two methods in my own way, according my understanding and experience of the work related to the dissolution of the ego.
The usage of Bach flower remedies doesn't require any effort or practice. We simply take some drops of the flowers we need several times during the day. 

 Question: Are these methods complicated?

 Answer: Not at all. They are very simple. As all things we learn in this world, in order to apply effectively each method we must practice it for some time with regularity and sincerity. Gradually we become familiar with it, and we develop the necessary skills and capacities related to it.

Of course some methods are simpler than others. Prayer for example doesn't need any prerequisite or capacity to do it, but perhaps a minimal faith that can be accomplished what we ask. 

Moreover to apply some of them effectively (No 7 and No 8), it is required a greater capacity of discrimination, self-awareness and detached observation than the others.  

The method EFT*, the Sedona* method:
You can find information about  EFT and Sedona in websites as well as on youtube.

Bach flower remedies*: 
They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole.