Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Serve untiringly. Serve selflessly. Pray devotedly.
Live truthfully. You will soon enter the kingdom of God.

Remain cheerful. Do japa whole-heartedly. Rejoice heartily.
You will attain the state of blessedness.

Reflect ceaselessly. Meditate intensely.
Realize perfectly. Rest peacefully.

Think rightly. Act righteously. Meditate regularly.
You will attain eternal bliss.

Aspire fervently. Pray sincerely. Introspect seriously.
Reflect vigorously. You will enjoy supreme peace.

Speak sweetly. Speak softly. Speak lovingly.
Speak truthfully. You will attain unalloyed felicity.


Dharma is the pivot of life.
Dharma means duty, righteousness, religion, eternal law.
Where dharma is, there victory is.
Dharma supports life.
Dharma brings perfection.
Dharma is a way of life based on virtues and perfect moral conduct.
Dharma bestows immortal bliss.


Control of the mind is the first step to spirituality.
Victory over the mind means victory over the world.
Conquest of the mind is the greatest victory.
The mind becomes unstable and restless through desires for objects.
When the mind is not centered in the Atman, man desires objects.
Become desireless, control the mind, be happy for ever.


Satsanga is association with saints and sages.
Without satsanga the mind cannot be turned towards god.
Satsanga is a formidable and impregnable fortress to protect aspirants from the temptations of Maya (illusion).
Live in the company of sages, hear their valuable instructions, and follow them implicitly.


God is love.
Bhakti is the experience of divine love.
Do your duty in a spirit of worship.
Perform all actions in an attitude of prayer.
Your heart should overflow with divine love at the sight of any object in this world.
Then alone you will become an ideal devotee.

Bhakti is devotion unto the lord.
Prayer, japa (repetition of God's name), kirtan (chanting),
God remembrance, worship, meditation, self-surrender are all limbs of bhakti yoga.

Bhakti yoga is suitable for the vast majority of persons.
Para (supreme), bhakti, and jnana (self-knowledge), are one.