Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Self-observation is indispensable for inner transformation ~ Atman Nityananda

Self-observation is indispensable for inner transformation

As long as we identify with thoughts, emotions, believes, behaviors etc. and we consider them as our own, as part of our selves we cannot be liberated from them. We cannot be free from something we think it is our self. So as long as we are identified with the mind and its contents we will continue be victims of the mental and emotional conditioning stored in the subconscious mind.

To be free from mind´s conditioning first of all we must realize that we are not this psychological conditioning that we are something different than this; we must realize that most of the mental and emotional functioning is habitual, mechanical and compulsive and a product of identification, imagination, association and projection. This realization is possible by self-awareness, and a continuous moment to moment self-observation. 

Self-awareness and self-observation (they must go hand in hand) is the only way to disidentify from the mind stuff, and be able to recognize and realize fully the mechanical compulsive function of our mind. By moment to moment self-observation we can become aware that we are governed by unconscious mental and emotional patterns instead of being their conscious creators as we thought until this moment.  By being fully aware that we are compelled to act and behave under the unconscious impulses of various psychological patterns will be born in us the desire to get rid of all this psychological conditioning. This realization is possible only by attentive, dispassionate, moment to moment self-observation  and discernment.

In order to realize that our mind is possessed by subconscious patterns that dictate our behavior it is necessary to create a distance from the thinking process and the emotional reactions; we must disidentify from the thoughts and emotions (even more urgent) in order to stop being subject to them.

It is needed to perceive, to discover and realize by continuous moment to moment self-observation that under the same or similar circumstances and situations, are mechanically reproduced, the same thoughts, the same emotions, the same desires, reactions and behaviors.

Only when by dispassionate attentive self-observation and discernment we become fully aware of the mechanical repetition of thoughts, emotions, impulses, reactions and behaviors, when we realize that all the psychological stuff is something different than our self, when we realize that we are imprisoned in it, only then will be born in us a genuine strong desire to get rid of them and we will do our best to be free from it.