Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nonduality is living in Oneness ~ Atman Nityananda

'I am that all-embracing love.’ --Amma
Nonduality is living in Oneness

Our true Self is love, peace, bliss and freedom eternal.

The ego is what causes separation between us and God, between us and others as well. The solid sense or feeling "I am the body, -the body is me" is the expression fundamental of the ego, but the ego is not just this.The ego is an aggregation of  various tendencies like pride, anger, fear, jealousy, gluttony, lust, greed, resentment, depression, shame, guilt, bitterness, disappointment, etc.

By eliminating the I or ego what remains is pure love, fathomless peace, infinite bliss!

What we experience inside, we experience it outside as well. If we are in peace, we see peace every where. If we are in love, we see everything as ourselves. 

"I am Love, You are Love, Everything is Love!"  

"I am Light, You are Light, Everything is light!"

 "I am Love & Light, You are  Love & Light, Everything is Love & Light,!"  

"I am Peace,  Love & Light, You are Peace, Love & Light, Everything is Peace, Love & Light"

 Remember occasionally during all day these truths, to remind yourself that you are not a miserable entity trapped in the body, but the eternal truth, always peaceful and blissful, and always present, although you may not be aware of this, due to the identification with the body, the mind stuff (emotions, thoughts, imaginations) and the sensory perceptions.