Friday, February 24, 2017

Have unflinching, perfect faith in the Lord ~ Swami Sivananda

~ Sri Haidakhan Babaji

Life is a dreary waste when it loses its faith. Life loses its effulgence when it loses its faith. Know that everything is lost when faith is lost. The water of life is faith. Have perfect faith in the Lord.

Faith is belief in the truth of revealed religion. It is confidence and trust in God and in one's own self. It is belief in the statements, utterances, and teachings of one's Guru, preceptor or saints. It is belief in religious scriptures.

Faith creates, faith heals, faith works wonders, faith moves mountains.

Faith is the secret light for finding God.

Faith makes the weak strong, and the timid brave. 

Faith is power. Faith is strength. Faith is abundant energy. Faith is the soul of religion. It creates new hopes and awakens immortality. 

Unshakable faith in God gives mysterious power to overcome any difficulty. 

Faith makes the impossible possible, therefore, have unflinching, perfect faith in the Lord.