Friday, February 3, 2017

WORLD PEACE ~ Sri Nisargadatta Majaraj


"If you want peace and harmony in the world, 
you must have peace and harmony in your hearts and minds."

 ~ Sri Nisargadatta Majaraj

extract from Chapter 48 
from the book I am That”  of Sri Nisargadatta Majaraj

Questioner: Are you not at all concerned about the state of the world? Look at the horrors in East Pakistan [1971, now Bangla Desh]. Do they not touch you at all?

Nisargadatta Maharaj: I am reading newspapers, I know what is going on! But my reaction is not like yours. You are looking for a cure, while I am concerned with prevention. 

As long as there are causes, there must also be results. As long as people are bent on dividing and separating, as long as they are selfish and aggressive, such things will happen. 

 If you want peace and harmony in the world, you must have peace and harmony in your hearts and minds. Such change cannot be imposed; it must come from within. Those who abhor war must get war out of their system. 

Without peaceful people how can you have peace in the world? As long as people are as they are, the world must be as it is. 

I am doing my part in trying to help people to know themselves as the only cause of their own misery. In that sense I am a useful man. But what I am in myself, what is my normal state cannot be expressed in terms of social consciousness and usefulness.

Be the change by J. Krishnamurti