Friday, September 23, 2016



Ignorance, blindness, dullness and fanaticism are the worst enemies of human beings. They keep humanity in a state a little above of the animal kingdom and in many cases humans behave worse than animals. One of the most important aspects of human life is sexuality. Unfortunately because of the above mentioned reasons humans misuse the sexual energy by various ways and means and thus cause numerous of physical and psychological disorders.

The sexual behavior affects tremendously all other aspects of our life in many ways. Great spiritual teachers since thousands of years spoke about the importance of chastity and the necessity of a pious sexual life. Unfortunately the ignorant and undeveloped minds see their advices and suggestions as moral dogmas or canons which limit their freedom to live as they like and enjoy the life fully, while in reality the wrong use of sexual energy is a fundamental factor of a limited, problematic, unhappy life.

Humans nowadays have developed so many sexual perversions which due to their ignorance and dullness consider as a natural way of living. They cannot understand that a ´free´ sexual behavior is the basis of an unhappy, limited, miserable life. Nowadays thanks to the media and fast communication we have the opportunity to see that the media stars which live a ´free´ sexual life are of the most miserable humans on earth.

Since the human mind is undeveloped and clouded by low energies we see on the other hand some to adopt an antisexual fanatic behavior, a superficial morality based on fear and guilty. They may condemn sexual energy and consider it as something negative or even demonic which of course is a superstitious belief.

Neither a ´free´ uncontrolled sexual behavior nor a rigid pseudo-moral, antisexual behavior can bring health, balance and harmony in our life and in our society. Both are causing unbalances and disequilibrium.

Certainly the majority of humanity is not prepared enough to change radically the sexual behavior and adopt a higher way to express it. Yet it seems that nowadays there is an increasing number of humans that seek something superior than the animalist or hedonistic satisfaction of their sexuality.

In reality the only way for a normal sexual life is the tantric way which doesn’t seek the gradual increasing of pleasure and the peak experience of the orgasmic pleasure in the genitals or in the whole body but through love and intimacy of the partners an expansion of the sexual energy in the whole system (nadis, chakras, brain, heart and mind) which has as a result the transformation of sexual energy in love, light, and wisdom and the ecstatic experience of the union with God consciousness.

Only a good knowledge and a clear understanding of the sexual energy, its role in our physical and psychological functions and its role in our social life as well as of the powers and energies that are related with it can really be of a great help to use it properly and for our own benefit and advance.

The sexual energy and fluids are related to the three subtle energies (Ojas/tejas/prana) which play a fundamental and great importance role to our physical, emotional, mental health, a balanced and harmonious living and even more important to our spiritual transformation and development.

The conservation and transformation of sexual energy for spiritual development and enlightenment it is not a matter of morality or of a rigid religious dogma but is a necessity based on the physiology and psychology of human existence. In the sexual energy are stored these most precious energies which maintain our physical and psychological health and activate the higher capacities of the mind and enable us access the higher states of consciousness.

By studying these three subtle forces of nature we can understand why the conservation (not wasting it through orgasm) of sexual fluids and the transformation of them through spiritual practices are necessary for spiritual development and enlightenment.

Of course the knowledge and the understanding must be applied in our daily life otherwise we cannot experience any real change in us.

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