Saturday, September 17, 2016



"Even Sensual happiness (the happiness we experience when we enjoy the desired object), is not something imported from the object outside, but really belongs to the Atman (Soul, Consciousness) within."

Let see why

"When there is the feeling of the possession of a desired object, there is also a temporary cessation of that desire, and the quality of Rajas in the mind which propelled the desire outwardly comes to a cessation. The Rajas having ceased for the time being, there is a quick introversion of the mind and a revelation of the stability of Sattva brought about as a consequence, which occasions a sudden reflection of the Bliss of the Atman within, which makes one happy at the time.

Sensual happiness, therefore, is not something imported from the object outside, but really belongs to the Atman (Soul, Consciousness) within, though, on account of ignorance, the Jiva (individual) does not know that this is the fact. The object merely acts as an outward agent causing a temporary cessation of Rajas in the mind and an accidental manifestation of Sattva, wherein the Atman is reflected perspicaciously.

Thus, it becomes clear that every sensory happiness of the world is ultimately a distorted expression of Brahmananda (Bliss of Brahman).

Yet the mistake here lies in the Jiva’s wrong notion that the happiness has come from the object, and its consequent clinging to the object. It is this clinging that causes the sorrow of the Jiva, and itts transmigratory life is occasioned by its desires due to love for pleasure.

 In this world there are only sense-pleasures of various kinds, but the true Bliss of Brahman is never felt at any time except during the short duration of the interval lying between the cessation of a thought and the rise of another."
~ Swami Krishnananda

Of course the bliss of Brahman(Soul) is experienced permanently and effortlessly in Self-realization! In Self- realization there is complete dissolution of the ego together with all desires and tendencies (vasanas and samaskaras). Thus the mind becomes pure as the Self and reflects perfectly the bliss of the Self.