Wednesday, September 21, 2016

PHILOSOPHY OF DEATH ~ Atman Nityananda

Know thy Self


Death is not the opposite of life but one of the fundamental components of life itself.

The birth is the opposite of death and both consist the foundations of life because without birth and death cannot be life.

Whatever is born is destined to die and in its position will born something else.

Only that which is beyond the forms and the cause of all forms is beyond birth and death, eternal, indestructible, complete and perfect.

Despite that man is afraid of death, only through the death he may find his freedom. Otherwise he would be condemned to live in deception, limitations, pain and suffering forever.

If the old doesn’t die the new cannot be born, if we doesn’t die to the lower we cannot be born to the superior.

Not only the physical death but also all types of change are a kind of death. Although the change is the central play of life, our ego resists the changes because of his attachment to its habits, customs and to what appears pleasing to it.

But life being a continuous change is indifferent to ego´s caprices and is moving without a break towards new paths and horizons.
The ego being fixated on its fantasies and habits is forced to suffer.

The only solution and the way out of suffering is death; it is the death of our false ego with all of its vanities, illusions, preconceptions, beliefs, desires and passions.

Only the death of the ego can allow the free flow of life through us (at all levels: physical, vital, emotional, mental) and our transformation into a being of light, conscious of our identity with God and the unity of all that exists.