Monday, August 1, 2016

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS & EGO / Atman Nityananda


The negative emotions and the ego which assumes the sense 'the body is me' and the sense of 'Iness' (I am a separate individual) is one and the same energy that assumes different forms of expression.

 When for example we are angry we think that 'we' or the I' that feels angry and the anger are two different things or energies. But this is the most fundamental illusion created by the ego-energy. It is our ego or the 'I itself that assumes the form of anger; viz., 'I and anger are one and the same thing or energy. Thats why when we are angry we feel more intensively the sense of ego or 'Iness and more separation from others. The same happens with all negative emotions. When they are manifested the sense of 'Iness or ego becomes stronger due to the very fact that they are the same field of energy.

The ego is a field of energy that by modification assumes innumerable forms like the chameleon. The ego is plural while our true Self or Atman is singular or nondual (Advaita). 

The main aapects of tje egoic energy are 'Iness viz. the body is me, lust and desire, like-dislike and the pain-body that is the totality of all negative emotions, impulses, likes- dislikes, fear, anger, depression, impatience, greed, jealousy, hatred, etc.

By eliminating anyone of these aspects of the ego we reduce the whole ego-energy field.  If we eliminate completely one of the fundamental aspects of the egoic energy, for example, the desire energy, will dissolve the whole field of egoic energy; at means will dissolve also the 'Iness and the painbody. If we eliminate the 'Iness completely will dissolve  also the desire and the pain body. If we eliminate completely the pain body by eliminating all its aspects (anger, fear, etc) will die also the Iness and the desire.
By eliminating the one main aspect of ego the ego dissolves in all its aspects and we are free from it

In the practical field we work to eliminate the ego in its various aspects because this is more efficient and more appropriate. We must work everyday and moment to moment with the aspects that the ego is expressed in us.. 

Only advanced aspirants who have already  dissolved a great amount of egoic energy, that posses a sattvic mind and have developed the qualities of sama, dama, samadhana, viveka and vairagya in a high degree can be devoted solely to Self-enquiry or meditation. 

~ Atman Nityananda