Thursday, August 25, 2016

ONCE AND NOW. / -- Sri Swami Sivananda


I searched for God in the caves of the Himalayas,
In the pilgrim centres, in river banks;
But I myself am Brahman, God of gods now!

I had once intense love for my sweet home,
Native village, district and province;
But I am now the home of all worlds - 
East and Wet, North and South,
Greece and India, Australia and France,
China and Russia have become one.

I loved Tamil once;
But I am 'Om' now,
The source of all languages.

I had once great love for my body;
But now I have realised, "All bodies are mine".

Once one hundred years was too big for me;
But I now abide in Eternity -
No time-piece, no calendar is necessary now.

Once five thousand miles was a great distance for me;
But now I feel, "I am Infinity".
Time, space have vanished.
I have neither home nor house address nor name!

Brahman: Absolute Infinity, God.

 -- Sri Swami Sivananda