Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mastering your mind ~ Atman Nityananda

Mastering your mind  

Mastering the mind is a quest of many years of discipline, of sincere, diligent practice and a right living.

Don't listen to anyone that tells you that you cannot decide the content of you mind; viz. that you cannot decide what kind of thoughts, ideas and images you will entertain in your mind. I don't say that is something you can do it in one day or in some months. It takes a long time practice but it can be achieved at the end.

Due to the unconscious way of living until now there are many mental and emotional habits and a variety of stuff in your subconscious that you don't know and you cannot control. Thus the mind functions independently of your volition. At the moment you may have little control of what happens in your mind but gradually by systematic diligent practice you can increase your knowledge, understanding and control oer your mind. 

You can also decide the contents that you want to permit enter in your mind and be stored in the chitta (subconscious mind, your heart mind).
The content of our mind depends on perceptions (on what kind of sensory input we feed our mind through senses) and the way we perceive things (identified and reacting or detached?).

Fortunately we can choose what kind of information, inputs and experiences we can permit come through the senses in our mind and accept them in our hearts. Those experiences we cannot avoid we can learn deal with a detached dispassionate attitude. Thus it will not create a strong impression in the subconscious. Strong impressions are created when there is interest or a strong emotion associated with the experience. 

Fortunately we can decide what kind of emotions, thoughts and ideas we want to entertain. If we are not lazy we can train every day (every moment) our mind by giving it right 'food' and contemplate on subjects we want to!  By doing this way, by following a sattvic life style, by doing meditation and other similar practices little by little we will become masters of our mind. 

That means that the mind will think only what we want to think and what is willed by God.

So this condition (that you cannot control your mind and its contents) you find yourself to be now it isn't something that cannot be changed! You are capable to conquer you mind and become the master of your mind! Everything depends on you; you are the master of your destiny.

The only question is. Do you really want to be the master of your mind? How much do you want it?