Thursday, December 31, 2015

One-pointed discriminative enquiry by Atman Nityananda

We cannot perceive or see our true Self in the same dualistic way we perceive an object. It is not a subject-object experience.

We can only Be our Self! We can know our Self by being our Self! The paradox is that we already are the Self (ATMAN or Consciousness). But we take our Self to be our body.  This happens because the ego puts a veil and causes a mutual identification and superposition between the body and Consciousness and thus creates the illusion that we are the body named Mr./Mrs so and so. Ego creates the illusion that the Beingness which is what we really are is something that belongs to the body.

 Thus the ego is the main obstacle that impede us realize that Beingness or ATMAN is beyond mind, body and ego itself and unattached by them.

Awakening happens when is realized intuitively by self-enquiry and the power of discrimination that our true Self which is pure Beingness and awareness is distinct from the body and ego and that we are That.

Any effort  to be aware of our Self  done by the ego, intensifies the identification with our ego and thus the illusory veil and the mutual superimposition remains. Thus it is of great importance to be aware  how we identify with the ego and stop this identification.

Vivekachudamani. Verse 181. Therefore the seeker after Liberation must carefully purify the mind. When this is purified, Liberation is as easy of access as a fruit on the palm of one's hand. Adisankaracharya

'If the aspirants have not one-pointed mind, which is possible for him who has pure mind full of sattva, dispassion, discrimination, etc., Self-enquiry is impossible.' Sri Ramana Maharshi

Although Self-enquiry, discrimanation and meditaiton are possible for those of a pure sattvic mind, that doesn´t mean that we cannot deticate some time for these practices from the beggining of our spiritual journey. We can follow an integral sadhana which will include a variety of spiritual practices such as japa nama, prayer, pranayama, study, kirtan, devotional rituals, repetition of mantras, introspection, etc. and will dedicate some time for meditation and self-enquiry. Of course these practices will flourish in course of time according our maturity, dedication and intensity of our practice.
By One-pointed discriminative enquiry we can break ego's identification and superimposition and be aware of what we already Are (pure awareness, peace, freedom and ananda). We can realize that we are the Beingness itself and that this Beingness is distinct and unattached by the body, ego end mind. That Beingness, is without form, time and causation, ever present, blissful, peaceful, unattached and unaffected by anything.
'It is easy, the concentration on the Self, for him who has qualities like dispassion, discrimination, one-pointed mind, renunciation, etc. For the rest, it is either less or more, depending on how much one has these qualities. For those who are not prepared, it is very difficult, if not impossible.'
Sri Ramana Maharshi

Although awakening is possible to happen at any time (not necessarily during deep meditation and samadhi), the clear 'vision' of our true Self is possible in the absence of ego. When the ego in deep meditation subsides totally then what remains is pure Beingness, peace and bliss; and when in the deep Nirvikalpa Samadhi the ego dissolves totally together with all its branches, then liberation is attained and the abidance in the Self as the Self becomes effortless, spontaneous and unbroken.

'Effortless and choiceless awareness is our real state. But one cannot reach it without effort, the effort of deliberate meditation. All the age-long vasanas (impressions) carry the mind outwards and turn it to external objects...'  Sri Ramana Maharshi

The force of impressions is tremendous. Unless all the impressions are thoroughly burnt through entry into the state of the pure Nirvikalpa Samadhi, it is not safe for one to stay a long time in one’s native place. He will still be in the danger zone.”  Swami Sivananda
May God's grace let you realize this and live the freedom of your own Self!

The  practice of  One-pointed discriminative enquiry that mention here is not the same as the Self-enquiry that Sri Ramana Maharshi suggested, You can read about Sri Ramana´s Self-enquiry as well other articles about Self-enquiry in the links below.

Peace, love, harmony